Which Is The Best Karaoke System? Best Buys!!

I daresay at this stage you have researched lots of karaoke machines and are now at a complete loss as to which is the best karaoke system suitable for your needs.

With so many different makes and models incorporating numerous features, you have plenty of options available to you. However there are several important factors that you need to take into consideration.

Buyers Guide Checklist

Who is going to use the karaoke system?

If you are considering hosting some fun home karaoke parties for friends and family on a regular basis, then choosing one of the more popular karaoke machines will certainly be a good investment.

Where will you be using the machine?

Karaoke systems come in various shapes and sizes. If it is for home use then you should consider where you will be placing the machine so that it fits in perfectly with the surrounding furnishings and decor.

Which is the best karaoke system for outdoor?

Poolside parties and barbecues are excellent occasions for a good ole' karaoke sing along. Bear in mind if you are using your system outdoor to make sure that it has some type of weather proofing to protect it from the elements.

Portable systems

Many portable systems on the market at present are practically a ‘Party in a Box’. The fact that they are ultra easy to carry around means that you can literally take the party to the party!

Battery operated

Which is the best karaoke system battery operated. Believe it or not, many of the battery operated karaoke machines can provide endless hours of singing time. If you are a person who likes to burst into song at the drop of a hat then perhaps a battery operated system is the way to go.


Choosing a microphone that offers superior audio quality is vitally important when it comes to karaoke. Most systems come with their own individual mic but may not always provide a decent quality audio. That being the case you always have the option to upgrade to a better quality microphone to enhance your performance.

Many karaoke system mics are wireless with long lasting battery life. In most cases the system may only include one mic so for duets or group singalongs you may need to invest in a couple more.


Generally, karaoke systems have built-in speakers but it is worthwhile checking if the machine you are interested in has audio outputs for the ultimate surround sound experience. 

Being able to connect the system to external speakers is especially useful if you are using the machine at larger venues. e.g. conferences, parties, weddings etc.


Your screen is another essential feature to look at as not all karaoke machines come with a built-in display.

Built-in microphone systems and TV monitor karaoke systems do not come with their own screens as you need to connect to either a Tablet, Laptop or TV. Many of the portable karaoke machines do however have built-in displays although often they may be slightly on the small side.

Voice cancellation & key changer

If you would like to turn a song into an instrumental then it is important to check if the karaoke system has a voice cancellation feature.

If you are a Karaoke Kook who likes to challenge yourself with some Adele or Mariah Carey high notes, then the key change feature allows you to change both key and pitch of any song you wish to sing.


Bluetooth compatible is music to any Karaoke Kooks ears! Yes! you can connect your karaoke system to various personal devices and also to the internet for access to an extensive library of songs both old and new.


A recording feature is important especially if you want to record your sessions and play them back straight away or save them to your device to share online with friends at a later time. Make sure to check if this is a feature on any karaoke system you may be interested in..


LED lights are a typical feature with most of the karaoke systems on the market. 

What is a party without some colorful flashing disco lights?

You can create the perfect party atmosphere with this great feature.


Remember, it is vitally important to check all the features that any karaoke system offers to avoid any disappointment with your purchase.

Which is the Best Karaoke System?

If you are craving a good ole' singalong sharing your love of music with friends and family at karaoke then you definitely need a good quality karaoke system.

Karaoke Kooks have compiled a selection for you to check out and hopefully you will gain some insight into which is the best karaoke system to buy. 

Top of our list is one of the most popular models from the Singing Machine Company.

Singing Machine SML385UW

This attractive portable karaoke machine has everything you will ever need to host an amazing entertaining party. 

A top loading CD player plays music CD’s & CD+G plus the LED disco lights with dimmer settings are a really cool feature for creating the perfect party vibe.

You can easily stream all of your favorite songs with this Bluetooth compatible system and alternatively you can download the Singing Machine app to access thousands of karaoke favorites.

If you are a Karaoke Kook who like to read lyrics on the big screen, no problem. When playing a CD+G simply connect the SML385UW to your home TV via RCA cables and you can follow the scrolling lyrics when it's your time in the spotlight.

Singing Machine SML385UP

Singing machine

CD Player – Play audio CD’s and CD+G karaoke discs.

Line-in – Connect external devices (cable not included).

USB – Play Mp3+G files from USB port.

RCA output jacks – Connect to your TV for scrolling lyrics.

LED lights – Create perfect party ambience.

If you are still wondering which is the best karaoke system? the Singing Machine SML385UP is certainly worth taking a look at as the lightweight construction makes it easy to take to any occasion.

Tonor K20 Wireless Karaoke Machine

This karaoke system is perfect for all those home family gatherings where entertainment is key. You can enjoy many happy hours singing along to all your favorite tracks with a complete ‘party in a box’.

The Tonor K20 has an 8″ sub woofer, two 3″ tweeters and a peak power of up to 250w so I guess the neighbors can join in the party even if they are not invited!

Two wireless microphones are included for those of you who like to duet with friends. The cool disco ball with colorful lights that sync with the music create the perfect atmosphere for any at home karaoke party.

Tonor K20


Bluetooth - Connect via BT or Aux to Tablet, iPad, Smartphone, Smart TV etc.

Mics x2 - Two wireless microphones included (batteries not included)

Tablet holder - Convenient tablet holder.

Portable - Easily transported.

Audio - Great volume and sound control.

Pr-charged - 12hrs playtime.

Which is the best karaoke system that you can simply plug in and play? The Tonor K20 is worth taking a look at and we are sure that you wont be disappointed.

Singstation Star Burst

Small, portable with an LED light show and good sound quality for the price, the Singstation Star Burst is a great all-in-one party karaoke system.

An amazing light show with 10 separate effects will turn any room into your own private disco where everyone can be a star.

This cute little cube has sound and voice effects to make your party even more entertaining. Two microphones mean that you can have double the fun duetting  with friends.

Enjoy singing along to all your favorite music or by pairing it to your Smartphone, Tablet etc. The Singstation Star Burst is suitable for all age groups, so before you know it the entire family will be jamming the days and nights away.

Singstation Star Burst


Bluetooth - Pair via BT, works with all your favorite karaoke apps.

LED light effects - Create perfect disco vibe with light functions.

Sound effects - 6 Sound effects to add to the party fun.

Voice effects - Professional quality voice effects, Baritone, Echo, Alien and more.

Mics x2 - Two mics allow you to sing solo or duet for double the fun.

Overall the Singstation Star Burst all-in-one karaoke system although small in size has everything you need for an entertaining karaoke gathering.

Which is the best karaoke system?

You Decide!!

Then grab your mic.... It's SHOWTIME!!

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