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Portable Karaoke Machine – Party Anywhere

Looking for a portable karaoke machine that has everything you need to get the party started???  Then look no further [...]

Top 10 Karaoke Songs Of All Time – Party Favorites!

Most Karaoke Kooks will have a special go-to song that they love to perform when on a night out at [...]

Karaoke Duets For Couples – Grab A Mic!

Karaoke is fun at the best of times and getting together with a partner to belt out some classic karaoke [...]

Karaoke Microphones For Home Use – Sound Quality!!

Let's face it, you don't have to put one foot out of the door to enjoy a fun filled night [...]

How To Improve Your Karaoke Singing Skills – Vocal Techniques!

Learning how to improve your karaoke singing skills is not too difficult if you follow some basic tips. This will [...]

2000s Karaoke Songs – Relive The Noughties!

Warm up those 'pipes' and get ready to party the night away with some of the best 2000s karaoke songs. [...]

How To Choose The Perfect Karaoke Song – Song Choice Is Key!

Everyone can do karaoke, but let's face it not everyone can sing!! When deciding how to choose the perfect karaoke [...]

Tips For Singing Karaoke In Public – Perform Like A Pro!

It's the weekend again and time for you and your friends to hit the town and head straight to your [...]

How To Host A Karaoke Party At Home – Essentials

It's party time again and you are are wondering how to host a karaoke party at home that will be [...]

Classic Rock Karaoke Songs – Epic Anthems

It's time to channel your inner Freddie Mercury or Bon Jovi with some epic classic rock karaoke songs. Dig out [...]

Beatles Karaoke Songs – The Fab Four

We Love You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! ! Classic Beatles karaoke songs will take you on a 'Magical Mystery Tour' where [...]

Good Karaoke Duets – It Takes Two!

There is nothing more satisfying than performing some good karaoke duets with friends and family to get the party flowing. [...]

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