2000s Karaoke Songs – Relive The Noughties!

Warm up those 'pipes' and get ready to party the night away with some of the best 2000s karaoke songs. Relive the 'noughties' and bring back some wonderful memories for everyone to enjoy.

Regardless of the theme on the night, Karaoke Kooks have selected a variety of genres that are great crowd pleasers at any karaoke get together.

Hopefully you will find the perfect song to perform from our top picks of 2000s karaoke songs that will bring the house down!

2000s Karaoke Songs - Top 15

mark ronson ft. amy winehouse | valerie

These two amazing artists covered this 'Zutons' (Indie rock band) song in 2007 and achieved the No.2 spot in the UK charts.

The song has featured in the movie '27 Dresses' and a documentary film biography of Amy Winehouse... 'Amy' This track is a surefire winner at karaoke!

Estelle ft. kanye west | american boy

This is one of those songs that once you hear it, it gets stuck in your head for days. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing!

Nevertheless, it is one of those popular 2000s karaoke songs that is perfect for any performer with a flexible vocal range to take on. 

shakira ft. wyclef jean | hips don't lie

Drive your audience crazy with this smash hit from 2005. Whether you go solo or duet with a friend, get those hips moving and drive your audience wild with some iconic Shakira moves. 'Remember hips don't lie' !!

beyonce | single ladies (put a ring on it)

Come on girls, you have the POWER! You can get him to 'Put a ring on it'!

Released in 2008 this anthem never grows old. With one of the greatest music videos of all time, Superstar Beyonce nailed it.

Time to get those hands up girls!!

white stripEs | seven nation army

Put your own 'spin' on this Grammy Award winning song from 2003 and you will be a winner too.

Lead singer Jack White has a very distinctive voice so if you can match it in any way the karaoke crowd will be blown away.

jason mraz | i'm yours

Get the karaoke crowd 'swooning' to this joyful love song released in 2008.

Don't hesitate no more, no more!! Go for it...

'I'm Yours' never fails to put a smile on peoples faces at karaoke.

the killers | mr brightside

Just look on the 'Brightside' as there is only one outcome if you take on this song from Las Vegas based rock band 'The Killers'.

You Will Kill It!

kesha | tik tok

Released in August 2009, 'Tik Tok' spent nine weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

The song topped the charts in many other Countries and was certified 'Eight fold Platinum' by the recording industry of America (RIAA).

In 2010 the single sold 12.8 million copies worldwide.

kelly clarkson | since u been gone

When this 2004 hot single was released girls all over the world were celebrating the joy and freedom of been single again.

No more fallin' for those stupid love songs again ladies.

britney spears | toxic

A great karaoke jam can be had by all with one of the greatest 2000s karaoke songs from the amazing artist Britney Spears

This song was on Britney's fourth studio album 'In The Zone'.

Karaoke crowds love it!!

usher ft. lil john and ludacris | yeah!

 Yeah, yeah! Okay, okay!!    You will create the ultimate party vibe if you choose to perform this 2004 chart topping hit.

Great one for the 'Homies'!

flo rida ft. kesha | right round

Released in 2009, this track masterfully includes the chorus from the 'Dead or Alive' song 'You Spin Me Round' (Like a Record) in it's hook.

The song achieved chart success in 19 Countries and in the USA it remained on the No.1 spot for 6 weeks. Go spin it 'Right round'..

arctic monkeys | i bet you look good on the dancefloor

Released in 2005 and performed for the 2012 Olympics by British Indie Rock Band 'Arctic Monkeys', this will go down a storm with any crowd.

2000s karaoke songs don't get much better than this.

A perfect choice to get everyone up on their feet!

eminem | lose yourself

Are you ready to Rap? 

An iconic 2002 Eminem song from the movie ' 8 Mile'. This was one of this amazing Rapper's greatest hits of all time.

Don't let your one shot to capture the crowd slip away!

'Lose Yourself' in the music and you will bring the house down.

linkin park | in the end

There are no other words to describe this song other than 'EPIC'

'In The End'

American rock band Linkin Park released this as the 8th track on their debut album 'Hybrid Theory' in 2000.

This was the 4th and final single from the album.

Loudwire ranked 'In The End' No.2 on it's list of 'Top 21st Century Hard Rock Songs'. 

Sadly, front man Chester Bennington took his own life in 2017 leaving his loyal fans totally devastated. After his passing, 'Billboard' labelled 'In The End' as the best Linkin Park song and one of the best songs of the 21st Century.

2000s karaoke songs will always 'WoW' any crowd especially if this iconic song is included in the playlist.

R.I.P. Chester Bennington

Relive the Noughties with Karaoke Kooks compilation of some epic nostalgic tracks that are sure to still be stuck in your head years later.

Everybody will have their own favorites. Karaoke gives you the opportunity to belt out some 'Golden Oldies' that will have the crowd up on their feet cheering you on!

There is always a certain song that makes you feel nostalgic because it reminds you of a place, a person or a moment in time. 

All it takes is one song to bring back those 2000s memories!

When it's your time to grab the mic and step into the spotlight we hope one of our picks of 2000s karaoke songs will reignite those memories and bring the house down.

When you are happy, you enjoy the music.

But, when you are sad you understand the lyrics.

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