15 Best Karaoke Songs For Guys

Impressive Vocals...

Wondering what are the best karaoke songs for guys to sing?

Well worry no more as we have compiled a list of songs with which you guys can show off your impressive, rich, full bass or tenor vocals.

On the other hand most guys don't really give a damn and simply want to have a good laugh and enjoy the night out on the town with their buddies at the local karaoke bar.

For most guys the best bet is to stick with more upbeat numbers that no doubt the crowd will be more than enthusiastic to join in with.

I'm sure you know the norm when it comes to guys singing karaoke. More than often we are subjected to a sloppy, alcohol induced performance of some of our classic tunes.

Why is that, you may ask?

You have to admit it guys but in most cases (not all) for you put yourself in the spotlight and belt out some of the best karaoke songs for guys to sing it has to involve a little "liquid courage".

There is nothing like it to give you the bravado you need to imagine " you are as good as Michael Jackson or George Michael" when you give your performance.

Although perhaps looking at the dismay on the faces of the audience in front of you should quickly bring you back to reality!

You obviously forgot to read the "room" and your slurred rendition of Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven" would better suit a "wake" than a fun night out with the lads at a karaoke bar.

Remember Always Read The Room.

Group Session

No doubt a few beverages will be in play by the time the guys decide who is going to pick up the mic first or maybe a group session is the preferred option given the mix of alcohol & high spirits. No matter your decision just get together and have a great karaoke nights fun.

The best karaoke songs for guys ever come from all decades, music genres & of course vocal skill levels.

All these songs are great in their own right, so you guys need to get together and decide which are ideal to get the crowd buzzing and to show off your talent/s.

You will not need to worry about those high notes, key changes, singing in tune or whether or not you are an accomplished Kook/s.

Simply grab the mic and go for it, show off those killer voices you know are worthy of a great cheer from the whole crowd in the bar.

Best Karaoke Songs For Guys

oasis Wonderwall

Oasis sang accessible songs about working class life that everyone could understand. 

Their songs had killer pop hooks and simple messages.

Polish off your best English accents for this classic lads anthem which never fails to get the crowd on their feet.

the proclaimers 500 miles

This band formed by twins Charlie & Craig Reed reigned from Scotland and have successfully sold over 5 million albums worldwide. 

This song released in 1987 is the perfect shout out for any great karaoke party.

frank sinatra my way

Perfect song for any guy to sing although it is highly unlikely that you will ever match the silky smooth vocals of this famous crooner.

Do it your way..... Anyway!

joe cocker with a little help from my friends

Everybody knows the words to this Beatles classic, sung by the great Joe Cocker.

It is easy to sing along to for even the most inexperienced performer.

The crowd will not let you down as I'm sure they will all be willing to join along with you in the chorus.

beastie boys sabotage

This Rap-Rock anthem is a perfect choice for all you guys out there.

If you can't rap when you get on stage, just keep going as the crowd will be too busy headbanging to notice.

Standing ovation on the way for sure!

the clash should i stay or should i go

This punk-rock classic is one hell of a party anthem and simply had to be included in our picks of the best karaoke songs for guys!

No need to question "should you stay or should you go" 

Stay & Smash it out of the Ballpark!

rick astley never gonna give you up

An absolute winner of a song at any karaoke party especially for you guys who want to show off your singing abilities.

Perhaps I should say their shouting abilities as that is all that's needed for the chorus. 

Believe it or not this Rick Astley classic was the inspiration for worldwide Viral Internet Trolling.

You have just been Rick-Rolled!

steppenwolf born to be wild

This is exactly what your karaoke party needs so "get out on the highway looking for adventure" and keep that motor running all the way to karaoke stardom.

dexy's midnight runners come on eileen

C'mon get those curly wigs and denim dungarees out of the closet to perform this brilliant song.

No problem getting crowd participation on this one!

queen don't stop me now

Let's hope the crowd let you guys get on and have a good time.

A great song to end the night on from the Legends, Queen

rolling stones start me up

You can be sure your "Dad" will want to join in on this classic Rolling Stones number.

Remember, if it's good enough for Dad - Say no more!

savage garden truly madly deeeply

Pray the sky doesn't fall down on you when you perform this one.

Don't worry, if a bunch of hooligans (The Firm) can belt this one out so can you.

blue swede hooked on a feeling

You will be hooked on only one thing with this fabulous song.

Get your "Ooga Chaka, Ooga Chacka" working the stage to be the stars of the night.

Johnny Cash Folsom city blues

Anything from the Johnny Cash library of music will give you guys a knock out performance.

Simply get a good growl on and you will smash it.

neil diamond sweet caroline

A karaoke favorite across the globe and an all round winning Diamond of a song.


My advice to all you budding "Guy" stars, is to get those voices warmed up if you ever want to smash it at karaoke.

If you don't think your vocal skills are up to scratch, no worries, our choice of the best karaoke songs for guys has taken that into account.

This leaves us in no doubt that you will sing your way to karaoke glory with any of them! 

Still Worried?

"I wanna be sedated" by the Ramones will always get the crowd agreeing with you for sure...