How to Connect Microphone to Smart TV | Idiot Proof!

It's Party Time!

Invitations have been sent out, party food menu has been created and you have all your favorite karaoke songs at the ready.

All you need to do now is to figure out the easiest way to connect microphone to smart tv and you are ready to rock 'n' roll in your own home karaoke bar!

So here's what you need to know about how to connect microphone to smart tv.

The easiest way to do karaoke on a smart tv is to pair it along with a Bluetooth mic.

Simply go into your Bluetooth settings to connect as BT connectivity is now standard with many smart tv's.

However, you may not always get the best result if the audio output is routed to the BT mics' built in speaker.

This may not be adequate to fill a larger space with your sweet, dulcet voice!

Preferably you should route the output to the smart tv speakers or soundbar.

The size of the area you are using for your karaoke party will determine how big a sound output you require.

How to Connect Microphone to Smart TV - Step By Step

Step 1 - Make sure your tv has a connection

Learning how to connect microphone to smart tv is not too difficult. Firstly, make sure it is compatible. Most smart tv's today have digital audio via HDMI and therefore will support the connection of a mic.

Your user manual will give details of available audio connections such as HDMI & digital audio connections which indicate that you can easily attach a microphone.

An important point is to ensure that you turn up the volume on the tv and that you use the correct input as smart tv's have many inputs.

Step 2 - Via Bluetooth - connect tv

A simple solution to connect your mic to your tv is via Bluetooth. This suits people who want a wireless connection.

Turn on Bluetooth on your mic & smart tv and pair them with each other. Check your user manual for step by step instructions on how to use the BT function on the tv to connect with the mic.

Once paired you can use your voice commands via the mic.

Step 3 - Connect to the wired mic via 3.5mm jack

Check your smart tv for a 3.5mm jack which is compatible with the mic. Some tv's have the 3.5mm jack and others do not.

Assuming your tv has this option, connect your mic with the audio adaptor & plug the adaptor into the smart tv. You can then use your mic.

You can also use the mic as an audio input device to record your voice over the smart tv.

You will usually see a jack for a 3.5mm plug & separate volume control for the connected source to connect a headset if required.

Bear in mind that the mic jack only works if your smart tv has a voice-over function & is connected to the internet.

If your tv has a voice-over capability & speech recognition feature then you can use this function.

This is a great option as the cables are generally approximately 8ft allowing you to move around more when using the mic without disconnecting form the tv.

Step 4 - Connect USB mic to Smart TV via USB port

You can also connect a mic via the USB port. Plug the microphone into the USB port on your smart tv and you are all set to go.

Step 5 - Connect to TV via XLR input

If you want to connect a professional mic to a tv, you can do this by XLR input if the tv supports this.

Use a 3.5mm TRS to XLR cable or an adaptor that has a length of approximately 10ft allowing you more freedom to move around when using the mic.

Step 6 - Hands free TV viewing

Once everything is connected you can now experience your hands free tv watching.

Leave the remote control on one side and simply speak into the microphone. It is a simple & straight forward process as long as you remember to keep this feature in mind when you purchase a smart tv.

Make sure it is compatible with the equipment you already have.

Don't worry if you are not very tech savvy as most options on how to connect microphone to smart tv are fairly straight forward.

If you have any problems, check your smart tv user manual and you will generally find an answer. Alternatively 'Ask Google'!

Hopefully our suggestions on how to connect microphone to smart tv will be helpful to you. There are probably various other methods you can use but we have chosen the most practical solutions.

Karaoke Apps For Your Smart TV

To add more fun to your karaoke party why not download an app for your smart tv. There are plenty available to choose from that will give you access to 1000s of popular karaoke songs.

Karaoke Party App

Get the competition going with this App as it offers over 100,000s songs & a competitive component of a scoring system.

Party guests can challenge each other to see who achieves the best score for their singing.

This is so much fun and a great feature to include for a fun night of entertainment.

This App is free & is available on:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • LG webOS
  • Chromecast
  • Android

N.B. This app is available on platforms outside Android.

Star Maker App

With this App you can sing & record along with friends.

The selection of songs in the Star Maker library is huge and is updated regularly so that you will never miss out on the latest chart toppers.

N.B. This is a free App & can be used on Android Smart Tv's.

The easiest way to download these Apps is from the App Store of your Smart Tv. If no App is available, you can try mirroring from your smart phone.

We are confident that all you Karaoke Kooks out there are smart enough to successfully learn how to connect microphone to smart tv.

Have a Blast at your next karaoke party.

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