70s Karaoke Songs – Peace, Love & Karaoke!

It's time for some 'Saturday Night Fever'....  Get those 'Good Vibrations' flowing with Kooks picks of the greatest 70s karaoke songs that are sure to help get your 'groove' on.

Even if you weren't born in this decade, looking back, you have to agree the 70s was a great decade for music and fashion.

Soul, Rock, Disco & Funk all had a place in the music world of the 70s. Many classic tracks still get regular airplay to the present day.

Believe it or not, 'golden oldie' songs now represent around 70% of the US market which leaves a lot to be said about the music we listen to today.

Will people still be listening to music of today in 40 or 50 years time?

Fashion Trends

The leading fashion trends of the 70s began with the continuation of the 60s hippie look.

  • Bell Bottoms
  • Midi Skirts
  • Frayed Jeans
  • Folk, Embroidered Blouses
  • Maxi Dresses
  • Brightly Colored Flared Trousers

Fashion was all about individuality and expression much like the music from the 60s and early 70s.

Check out just a few memorable 70s karaoke songs below and if they are not already on your 70s playlist, be sure to add them........... ENJOY!

70s Karaoke Songs - Top 20 Countdown!!

the trammps disco inferno

Don't hold back the night!

Get your best John Travolta pose ready and smash this upbeat song from the iconic movie Saturday Night Fever..... Burn Baby Burn !!!

rod stewart do ya think i'm sexy?

Not one of Rod's greatest recordings considering the catalog of great hits he has achieved over the years... but nevertheless a fun song to entertain any karaoke crowd.

Hope you are ready to accept honest replies to the question!!.

candi staton young hearts run free

A memorable 70s track that still gets plenty of air-play, and rightly so!

Uplifting, and a feel good song that everyone knows and loves.

billy ocean love really hurts without you

When the going gets tough, pull this classic track out of the bag and you will be onto a winner. Karaoke crowds never fail to join in with one of the best 70s karaoke songs ever!! 

elton john your song

"It's a little bit funny".... the second you hear those lyrics you immediately know which classic Elton John song this is.

'Your Song' went on to achieve chart success around the world and in 1998 in was inaugurated into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Classic track, loved by all!

queen we will rock you

They certainly did, with this amazing 70s Rock Anthem.

This song gave the band a huge financial boost, raking in $22.3 million dollars from the West End sold-out musical tour.

Sadly, the flamboyant showman Freddie Murcury passed away in November 1991 leaving a legacy of some of the greatest musical works of all time!


free all right now

Fronted by Paul Rodgers, this UK based band recorded some of the most primal and emotive hard rock ever.

With over 20 million album sales Free were among the greatest British rock groups of all time.

Sure to get any karaoke crowd rockin'!

donna summer i feel love

The 5 time Grammy winner 'Disco Queen' Donna Summer was an exceptionally talented vocalist who rocketed to international super-stardom in the mid 70s.

Her merger of R&B, Soul, Pop, Funk Disco & Experimental Electronica catapulted sales of her music around the world..... Top of the Pops for classic 70s karaoke songs.

david bowie rebel rebel

A defining song of the 'Glam Rock' era by one of the greatest innovative artists of our time.

It is hard to believe it is 40 years since the late great David Bowie released this single from the album 'Diamond Dogs'. 

led zeppelin stairway to heaven

Among the best 70s karaoke songs, this rock classic went platinum over 23 times. In 2003 'Stairway to Heaven' was inaugurated into the Grammy Hall of Fame. 

The song was not released as a single but featured on their untitled 4th album, one of their best selling ever.

Despite never having been commercially released as a single it was the most requested song on FM radio stations in the US in the 1970's.

Beautiful song...Do it justice!!!

bob dylan knockin' on heaven's door

Often regarded as one of the greatest song writers of all time, Bob Dylan has been a major figure in popular culture with a career spanning more than 60 years. Many of his songs became anthems for Civil Rights and Anti War movements. 

Knockin' on Heaven's Door was awarded a Grammy for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. The song has been covered by many artists including Guns N' Roses who performed it live in 1992 at a tribute concert for the late Freddie Murcury of Queen.

creedence clearwater revival have you ever seen the rain?

CCR was an American rock band formed in California. Their musical style encompassed Roots Rock, Blues Rock, Country Rock, Southern Rock & Blue Eyed Soul.

The band performed at the Woodstock Festival in 1969 and were the first major act signed to appear there. One of the most memorable 70s karaoke songs.

don mc lean american pie

A 1972 smash hit single that lasted approximately 9 minutes....Yes, a whole 9 minutes!!! American Pie was issued as a 45rpm single with the song split over 2 sides.

It has maintained the record for the longest continuous song to achieve No.1 on Billboards Hot 100 Chart. Decades later it is still raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars for the artist.

American Pie is still played on radio stations across the world although more than often, it is a shortened version that we hear.

bruce springsteen born to run

This was Springsteens' first worldwide single release, although it achieved little success outside the US. 

The song ranked No.21 on Rolling Stones list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, the highest entry for a song from the 'Boss'.

Great song for karaoke, audiences will be born to run with it.....

stevie wonder superstition

Released by the talented artist Stevie Wonder in 1972, this amazing classic song won the Grammy for best R&B song and Best Male R&B vocal performance in 1974. 

Make sure your vocals are up to scratch before you even attempt this classic.

the beatles let it be

Another one of The Beatles' iconic ballads written by the great singer, song- writer Paul McCartney... Inspiration for the lyric came from his mother Mary..... 

In the sixties Paul recalled how his mother (who died when he was 14) came to him in a dream reassuring him that:

"It's gonna be ok.... Just Let it Be.

Paul went on to write this amazing song and the story behind it is as touching as the lyrics themselves.

tony orlando & dawn knock three times

Who doesn't love a karaoke rendition of this great singalong track?. 'Knock Three Times' never fails to get everyone joining in the chorus.

Grab a mic and give it your all! Karaoke crowds will love it!!

barry white can't get enough of your love, babe

Written, recorded & produced by American musician Barry White in 1974 the song topped the US Billboard 100 & Billboard R&B Charts.

Let's face it, Barry's voice stole the show.. His deep, rich seductive tones were loved by both men and women around the world. Sadly one of the greatest vocal artists of all time passed away in Los Angeles in 2003 at the age of 58.

Barry White..... His music will live on for years to come!  R.I.P.

charlie rich the most beautiful girl

This country ballad reached No.1 in the US on three Billboard Music Charts in 1973. The song was featured on his third album 'Behind Closed Doors'.

This popular country ballad has been covered by several other artists and always goes down well at karaoke. 'Let your hair hang down' and put on your best performance!!

village people ymca

YMCA is a song by American disco group Village People. Released in October 1978 as the only single from their third studio album 'Cruisin'.

If any song is going to get a karaoke crowd up on their feet singing and joining in the dance moves, it is YMCA. 

At the 2008 Sun Bowl Game in El Paso, Texas, 44,000 people danced to the Village Peoples' live performance of the song setting a new Guinness World Record.

So grab the mic, 'pick yourself off the ground' and smash one of the best 70s karaoke songs that we all know and love!!

Well Kooks, there you have it, our round-up of some great 70s karaoke songs, many of which are getting regular air-play to this day. 

That says it all don't you think? Choose any of our top 20 hits for your next 70s karaoke night and you will bring back some cool 70s vibes to the party

That's all for now folks!...... Get Your Groove on & Dig it man!!

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