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A Nostalgic Decade With Nostalgic 80s Karaoke Songs

80s Music & Karaoke... Simply a Match Made in Heaven.

Great female artists such as Whitney Houston, Tina Turner & Madonna were leading the way with some classic memorable 80s karaoke songs that are performed by Kooks all over the world to this day.

The 80s was a glorious decade to live through. Not only was it a time of amazing pop culture, the 80s also delivered some of the best in TV shows, music, movies & toys. It is not surprising that the 80s are regarded as a decade of nostalgia. 

The music industry appeared to be mostly dominated by male singers & bands with Michael Jackson 'ruling the roost'. There was also a growth of Punk Rock & House Music throughout this decade. 

Classic bands like Queen & The Rolling Stones were amazed to find themselves with a new generation of fans. With the launch of MTV in 1981 bands & artists had to find new ways to present themselves visually.

The 80s were all about album sales, totally different from today as album sales in the 80s meant more money for the artist.

So let's take a look at some of the best 80s Karaoke Songs. We hope 'Kooks' picks include some of your favorites.

80s Karaoke Songs: Top 20

olivia newton-john physical 

It's time to get the leotards & leg warmers at the ready to perform this 1982 hit single. Get those moves going and you will warm up any karaoke crowd.

blondie | call me 

Any song by Blondie is a winner at karaoke. The Blonde bombshell had it all in 80s. Looks, Style & Unmistakable voice. Hope you do Debbie justice when you take this one on.

van halen | jump

This great track has a strong beat and is sure to get everyone up on their feet. Another great song from Van Halen that will raise the roof!

survivor | eye of the tiger

This iconic 80s song is an excellent choice to get any party started. Everybody know the lyrics and will be more than willing to join in the sing along.

lionel richie | all night long

You will definitely be partying all night long with this great song! Perfect choice for those 'Kooks' who want to show off their vocal range.

kenny loggins | footloose

This fast paced number is perfect for anyone with solid vocals. Throw in some of those classic dance moves and you will be onto a winner.

katrina and the waves | walking on sunshine

Upbeat & fun this is one of those great tracks to end the night on. This feel good song is an all round karaoke favorite. 

toto | africa

Try stopping the crowd singing along to this classic by Toto. Straightforward lyrics & catchy beat make it a sure bet. 

madonna | material girl

An 80s karaoke songs list that does not include Madonna? Hellooo!!! The material girl is, and always will be one of the most popular choices at karaoke. A great beat that will keep a crowd going all night long.

bon jovi | livin' on a prayer

Show off your rock skills with this classic song. Rock it in and out and give a performance that everyone will remember.

the bangles | walk like an egyptian

This 1987 chart hit still sounds as good today as it did back then. Great beat & unforgettable dance moves. Karaoke crowds love to get in on the act too!

tina turner | what's love got to do with it

The one & only Tina Turner not only had an awesome voice but those moves she had were mesmerizing. Might be worth getting the 'Tina Look' to ensure your performance goes down a storm.

abba | super trouper

This iconic Swedish group gave us some of the best karaoke songs of the 80s and Super Trouper is up there with the best of them. Try stopping any karaoke crowd from joining in on this one.

irene cara | fame

If you can't remember 'Fame' & the School of Performing Arts, then you don't know what you've missed!! Absolute classic 80s track.

a-ha | take on me

Every Karaoke Kooks should have this on their playlist. Easy to sing with a belting chorus. Grab a mic and smash your performance!

rick astley | never gonna give you up

Who doesn't love a little bit of Rick Astley? A great fun party anthem that will have everybody up on their feet.

queen | another one bites the dust

Let's hope you don't!!..... This is a perfect song to show off your Rock Star skills, so don't mess it up. Everybody is sure to join in the singalong.

foreigner | i want to know what love is

This song is all about the vocals so only try it if you are confident in showcasing your musical talent. You are sure to WOW the crowd if you can pull this one off.

cyndi lauper | time after time

Be prepared for crowd participation all the way when you step into the spotlight to perform this classic song. A karaoke favorite that everyone will enjoy.

michael jackson | billie jean

There was no stopping the 'King of Pop' in the 80s. He dominated the music charts with hit after hit. He guaranteed his place in music history with the release of his Thriller album in 1982. 

Thriller became the best selling album of all time. Even after his untimely death, his estate will continue to earn royalties from his catalogue of music for many many years to come.

MJ absolutely deserves the No.1 spot on our Top Picks of 80s Karaoke Songs.

Well that's it for now Kooks, our Top 20 round up of 80s karaoke songs. It was a decade that launched the careers of many iconic artists who are still 'rockin' it to this day. 

A decade where millions mourned the death of one of the greatest names in the history of rock music... John Lennon 

A decade where the crazes, the fads, music and pop culture merged together creating some of the greatest memories unlike any other.

The 80s is a decade most often associated with nostalgia & style and memories of this decade will continue to live on for a long time to come.

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