Best Spanish Karaoke Songs – Classic Latino Hits

What better way to impress your friends and family than with a Spanish themed karaoke party night.

Hone your Spanish language skills with some of the best Spanish karaoke songs that will certainly add a Latin flavor to your upcoming party. 

There is nothing more exciting than giving a killer performance in Spanish but let's face it a few pronunciation lessons would be a great advantage.

English and Spanish languages differ greatly, but even if you have only a basic knowledge of the Spanish language, it will certainly go a long way.

It is probably a better idea to start with a few of the best Spanish karaoke songs for beginners and if by chance you already know the English version of the song it will make life so much easier for you.

'Aqui Vamos' or should I say 'Here We Go'. Let's get started with some of the best Spanish karaoke songs that are not too difficult to learn.

Best Spanish Karaoke Songs - Top 10

shakira suerte (luck)

Believe it or not, most people will already know this chart topper from Columbian singer Shakira, albeit by a different title.

'Whenever, Wherever'

I'm sure if you already know the song you will definitely find it much easier to perform. You should be able to smash the chorus as it is not too difficult to  learn.

Having said that, the verses may be a little more tricky but with plenty of practice prior to the party you will smash it.  Olé!!

miguel bose amante bandido (bandit lover)

This song is possibly one of the easiest to sing on our list of the best Spanish karaoke songs for beginners. Literally anyone can give this a go and pronunciation should not cause you many problems.

alejandro sanz corazon partio (broken heart)

This Spanish born singer has been topping the Latin and Spanish charts for decades. He collaborated with Shakira in 2005 on 'La Tortura' which became his biggest hit in Latin America.

This particular song is another one of the easiest to sing and perform, so no worries there!

thalia amor a la mexicana (love to the mexican girl)

A great song by an outstanding Mexican singer and rated as one of the best Spanish karaoke songs to sing. Released in 1997, this pop song will go down a storm at any Spanish themed karaoke night.

luis miguel sera que no me amas (don't blame it on the night)

Does 'Blame it on the Boogie' ring any bells? Yes, I'm sure we all remember the Jackson 5's original recording of the song in English in 1978. 

This is still a great cover by Luis Miguel and one of the best Spanish karaoke songs to get any crowd up on their feet dancing the night away.

pimpinela | olvidame y pega la vuelta (forget me and turn around)

A great Argentinian hit song by siblings Lucia and Joaquin Galan. Easy to sing and perform and number 5 on our list of the best Spanish karaoke songs to add to your playlists.

ricky martin | livin' la vida loca ( livin' the crazy life)

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin topped the charts with his Latino moves, good looks and catchy song. You probably know the rhythm of this song already so it will be an easy one to learn before your star performance on karaoke night.

azucar moreno | solo se vive una vez (you only live once)

Released in 1996 by spanish group Azucar Moreno, 'You Only Live Once' (Eng) is an easy Spanish song for beginners with repetitive lyrics and moderate beat. So grab the mic, sing, dance and seize the moment!

jennifer lopez | amor se paga con amor (love is repaid with love)

Karaoke Kooks love this track by Jlo and it certainly deserves a spot on our picks of the best Spanish karaoke songs for beginners. Not only because of the rhythm and pronunciation but because there is also an English version of it.

silvio rodriguez | ojala (i wish)

From Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez this is one of the most beautiful Spanish songs ever written. The music and lyrics are extremely moving, so if you decide to perform this song at your Spanish themed karaoke party, be sure to get some pronunciation practice in and put plenty of emotion into your performance.

Ojala pronounced Ohahlah


It's not that difficult to learn to sing some of the best Spanish karaoke songs if you are prepared to put in plenty of practice and rehearsal beforehand.

Once you learn how the vowels and consonants sound, you will soon be hosting many more Spanish themed karaoke nights to impress all your friends and family.

Ole !Ole! Ole!

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