20 Classic Karaoke Songs – Unforgettable Hits!

It's karaoke night and time for you to get your best 'superstar' mode on with some of the greatest classic karaoke songs that are sure to raise the roof at any party.

Whether it is at your local bar or in the comfort of your own living room, singing along to your favorite songs is one of the best ways to lift your spirits and make you feel like a star!

There is no shortage of singalong tracks as just about every song imaginable has been transformed for karaoke.

Choosing the right song is paramount, as from experience we all know that song choice can make or break the night.

Your favorite song may not be a crowd pleaser, so before you grab the mic it's time to check out some Karaoke Kooks picks of classic karaoke songs that audiences will be eager to hear.

Classic Karaoke Songs - Top 20

the beatles please please me

This Beatles song is a great opening number to get any karaoke party up and running. It's a fun track that is easy to sing and one that everybody knows and loves.

queen bohemian rhapsody

If you are brave enough to give this classic a shot, 'be warned'. If you mess it up you may discreetly slip out the backdoor.!!!

On the other hand if you smash it, then you can sit with a smug look on your face as you will be the one to beat on the night!!

frank sinatra my way

'Croon' your way through this classic karaoke song by the great Frank Sinatra and the crowd will be with you all the way.

Do it your way!

the jackson 5 i want you back

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!......

You can dance and jam the night away to this feel good song. Hopefully the crowd will want you back for an encore.!!

miley cYrus party in the usa

This classic song might as well be the United States National Anthem.!!

A great upbeat, feel good track that everybody loves. Put your hands up and smash it!

the weather girls it's raining men

Get the temperatures rising with one of the best 80's classic karaoke songs ever.

Bear in mind you will need a decent voice if you are going to do it justice.

dolly parton and kenny rogers islands in the stream

A great karaoke duet by two of the most talented artists in the music industry.

Any karaoke crowd will be more than happy to help you along on this amazing song.

fugees killing me softly with his song

This version of the Roberta Flack classic is not one of the easiest songs to master, so unless you are a confident vocalist, Be Careful!

whitney houston i wanna dance with somebody

Warm up your vocal pipes before you attempt one of the most popular classic karaoke songs by the great, late Whitney Houston.

Watch out for those 'HIGH' notes and key change if you want to smash it!

prince purple rain

Any karaoke party needs a good mix of fast and slow songs. This Prince classic is a great slow number, so grab the mic and go for it.

Kooks Top 10 Countdown:

toto africa

This belter of a song has an absolute killer chorus that every karaoke crowd is sure to know.

One of the best 80's classic karaoke songs to add to your party playlist.

the killers mr brightside

Preparation is key!

Make sure you have learned all the lyrics to this killer of a song. Destiny is calling you, so look on the bright side and give it your all.!! 

bruce springsteen dancing in the dark

When it comes to classic karaoke songs this Springsteen anthem is hard to beat.

Karaoke crowds love it, so don't mess it up or you will be 'dancing out the door'.....

luis fonzi and daddy yankee despacito

Now get ready for some Latin moves!

An infectious reggaeton Latin classic that is the modern day 'Macarena'. Everybody knows it and will be up on their feet showing off some banger dance moves.

culture club karma chameleon

Sing to it, dance to it and be sure to get your best Boy George image ready for this classic Culture Club track!

abba | dancing queen

You can dance, you can jive, in fact you can do anything you like to one of the greatest classic karaoke songs ever recorded.

Everybody loves a bit of Abba to round off the night! So go for it and have the time of your life!!! 

johnny cash ring of fire

Believe it or not, any Johnny Cash song is a perfect choice for beginners at karaoke. No need to worry about vocal ability, you can talk your way through this one if you like!!

Great track for crowd participation.

r.e.m. losing my religion

Classic karaoke songs don't get much better than this from Michael Stipe and the rest of the R.E.M crew.

A perfect blend of mellow and upbeat! What more could you ask for?

seal kiss from a rose

A classic love song that always goes down well at karaoke. Put plenty of emotion into your performance and if your 'crush' is in the room it will definitely catch their attention.!!

bill medley & jennifer warnes the time of my life

If you love the movie 'Dirty Dancing' then you will already know this unforgettable timeless classic hit.

This great duet is as popular today as it was back then and is a perfect choice for any karaoke party if you want to have the time of your life!!

Be sure to add to your classic karaoke songs playlist!

Classic karaoke songs have always stood the test of time. They are songs that are still as popular today as they were back in the day.

Although any karaoke song can be a fun choice, never attempt to sing a track that is out of your vocal range, unless you are prepared for the backlash from your audience which is the last thing you need!!

There are an abundance of songs to choose from that are easy to perform and always get a favorable response from karaoke crowds. 

Kooks picks of classic karaoke songs have something for everyone, so check them out and find the perfect song for you!!

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