Classic Rock Karaoke Songs – Epic Anthems

It's time to channel your inner Freddie Mercury or Bon Jovi with some epic classic rock karaoke songs.

Dig out those tight jeans, platform boots and (not forgetting) 'Big Hair' and get ready to 'Air Guitar' the night away and bring the house down at your next karaoke event.

Rock 'N Roll Never Dies!

Classic Rock Karaoke Songs - Top 15

queen bohemian rhapsody

Kick start the night with this classic rock karaoke song from the amazing   Queen. This 'mini opera' is an absolute masterpiece from the late great 'Freddie Mercury and the band. 

Don't worry if you can't hit those high notes as the crowd are sure to help you along.

creedence clearwater revival have you ever seen the rain

According to John Fogerty, the founder of CCR, this 1971 classic was about the impending breakup of Creedence Clearwater Revival. Sad but True !!

If it's not already on your playlist of classic rock karaoke songs, then it's time to add it now.

alice cooper poison

The wildman of rock Alice Cooper is an icon and one of the most notorious rockers of all time. Famous for biting the head off a live chicken during a performance.

'Poison' is a popular track that will get any karaoke crowd 'moshing' the night away. Just don't include any live chickens in your performance!!

kiss rock and roll all night

Outrageous rock at it's very best. 

Love them or hate them, Kiss have been rocking arenas across the globe for decades.

Have some outrageous fun with this track especially if you get the full on face make-up right. You can' Rock and Roll All Night' to this classic.

the rolling stones jumpin' jack flash

It's a Gas, Gas, Gas..... all the way with one of the greatest classic rock karaoke songs. 

Written by Jagger & Richards and inspired by the sound of Richard's gardener Jack Dyer making a racket as he passed by the window one morning.

Add this 'Jumpin' track to your rock playlists now!

thin lizzy the boys are back in town

Written by lead singer/guitarist Phil Lynott and released in 1976 on the band's album 'Jailbreak' A great choice at any karaoke event for the guys to perform. Thin Lizzy members came from Irish working class families and wrote this track to connect with their ardent fan base.

Get ready to rock the night as the 'Boys are Back in Town'.

billy idol white wedding

It's hard to believe that Billy Idol managed to write this song in just 20 minutes. True Talent!!

Released in 1982  it is one of his most recognizable songs. It has featured in many movies and TV Series over the years including:

The Wedding Singer, My Name is Earl, True Romance and many more...

led zeppelin whole lotta love

Released in 1969 this was the opening track on the band's second album 'Led Zeppelin II'

Raw, raucous rock 'n roll is what Led Zeppelin did best and 'Whole Lotta Love' is up there with the best rock karaoke songs. The karaoke crowd are sure to show you a 'Whole Lotta Love' if you nail this one!

blue oyster cult (don't fear) the reaper

 Great rock karaoke songs don't get much better than this. Rolling Stone named 'Don't Fear The Reaper' their song of the year in 1976. The song is about how true love can last even after death.

Never fails to WOW the crowd at karaoke.

fleetwood mac go your own way

The first single from Fleetwood Mac's award winning 11th album 'Rumours'.This one is for the girls to channel their inner Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. If you don't have this track in your library, where have you been????

Fleetwood Mac at their best!! Check out the Rumours album if you don't have it in your collection already.

europe the final countdown

Swedish heavy metal band 'Europe' released this track as a single in 1986. 

It achieved the No.1 spot in 25 countries and in 2022 'The Final Countdown' has hit 1 Billion views on YouTube. Unbelievable!!

It's the 'Fiiiiinnaaal' Countdown!! ....... No worries about crowd participation on this epic classic.

steppenwolf born to be wild

Featured in the movie 'Easy Rider' in 1969 this song by Steppenwolf is considered to be one of the most influential rock songs of all time.

It's time to get your 'motor running' and perform one of the most immortal hard-rock classic rock karaoke songs of all time. Let's face it Karaoke Kooks were all 'Born To Be Wild!!

van halen jump

Released in December 1983 as the lead single from their album '1984'. Classic rock karaoke songs don't get much better than this 'Van Halen' iconic anthem. It was their most successful single achieving the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Rolling Stone ranked this classic 177 on their list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

Wow the crowd with your performance and they will 'Jump' the night away.

lynard skynard sweet home alabama

American southern rock band Lynard Skynard released this track on the album 'Second Helping' in 1974. This anthem is up there with the top classic rock karaoke songs ever.  It became the band's highest charting single reaching number 8 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart in 1974. 

Belt this one out at the top of your lungs and the crowd will go wild.

free all right now

English rock band 'Free' released this single in mid-1970. Written by bassist Andy Fraser and vocalist Paul Rogers the song topped the charts in more than 20 countries reaching No.2 on the UK Singles Chart and No.4 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

As of 2006 'All Right Now' has been played on American radio stations more than 3 million times.

I guess you could consider that:

All Right Now!! ............

Get ready to hit those high notes and unleash the 'True Rocker' you are at heart.

Karaoke Kooks have selected 15 classic rock karaoke songs for you to consider next time you take to the stage!

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