Easy Karaoke Songs For Women – Girl Power!

easy karaoke songs for women

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Have you got a karaoke party coming up and are not sure what to song to sing?

Fortunately for you Karaoke Kooks have selected 25 easy karaoke songs for women that are sure to raise the roof at any karaoke party or venue.

There are some great female power anthems in the mix that everybody can join in with for a great night of fun & entertainment.

Perhaps you already have some of your favorite tracks on your playlist? You should still check out our top picks of easy karaoke songs for women as the selected songs are well within most womens’ vocal range.

Different styles & genres will give you plenty of options to choose a song that you will feel confident enough to perform. A song that will also go down well with any karaoke audience.

At the end of the day you need a track that is not only easy to sing, but one that shows off your vocal ability. 

Our choice of easy karaoke songs for women are not only fun to sing but are sure to raise the roof at any karaoke party!!

Easy Karaoke Songs For Women Top 25:

25. Weather Girls | It’s Raining Men

Forget the men!! This 80’s classic track will have all the girls up on their feet singing along with you. Don’t forget the umbrellas!!!

24. Katy Perry | Roar

It’s the eye of the tiger! A sensational hit on its’ release and an all time karaoke favorite. ‘Let’s Here You Roar’ along to this one.

23. Abba | Mama Mia

Get those knee-high boots on and grab a couple of  hunky guys to complete the look. Any song from the amazing ‘ABBA’ will always win hands down at karaoke.

22. Chaka Khan | I’m Every Women

Girl power at it’s best when you belt out this classic song. Remember strong women can do anything!! Yes You Can!!

21. Cyndi Lauper | Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Too Right!! Get the girls together on this great track, let your hair down and have Fun, Fun, Fun!!

20. Spice Girls | Wannabe

What a decade the 90’s was!! The Spice Girls were all about ‘Girl Power’ and boy they knew how to promote it. Get five girls together, decide who they wannabe and knock this one outta’ the park!

19. Taylor Swift | Shake It Off

One of many easy karaoke songs for women to sing with plenty of repetition so ‘Shake it Off’ & have fun.

18. Destiny’s Child | Say My Name

Get your guy to ‘say your name’ next time he’s on a night out with his buddies… Just to be sure!!

17. Joan Jet | I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll

Great to see the girls rock this one out at karaoke. All you Rock Chicks be sure to show the guys what you can do with this great track.

16. Gloria Gaynor | I Will Survive

This 70’s classic was the top female empowerment song at the time. Although there are now many more, non can match this timeless hit.

15. Carly Simon | You’re So Vain

Check out the narcissist’s in the crowd & sing your heart out to them! Great sing along choice for karaoke..

14. Avril Lavigne | Complicated

All you girls out there are sure to relate to this great song. It’s not that complicated, just kick those fake guys to the curb & don’t look back!!

13. Miley Cyrus | Party In The USA

Put your hands up & rock out this great Patriotic Anthem. Moving your head, Yeah! moving your hips, Yeah!!

12. Beyonce | Single Ladies

Another great track for the single ladies at karaoke. Don’t worry too much about the high notes, you will smash them.

11. Bonnie Tyler | Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Dig out the shoulder pads! and put on your best ‘gravelly’ voice. This Bonnie Tyler hit is always popular at karaoke. Get up there and give it your best shot!!

10. Dolly Parton | ‘9 to 5’

This classic Dolly hit is another easy karaoke song for women to sing. If you’ve had a hard day at the office, now is the time to let your hair down & have fun.

9. Aqua | Barbie Girl

Come on Barbieeeee let’s go parteeeeee…!! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Great choice and a real crowd pleaser.

8. Cher | If I Could Turn Back Time

Cher obviously can again & again!. This power balled is always a hit and one of the many easy karaoke songs for women to belt out at karaoke.

7. Lady Gaga | Born This Way

She was most definitly born a ‘STAR’. An amazing track by the even more amazing Lady Gaga. Give it your all and bring the house down.

6. Kylie Minogue | Locomotion

If you don’t already know this song you soon will. Always goes down well at karaoke so get some Locomotion moves going and the crowd will be more than happy to join in.

5. Billie Elish | Bad Guy

For an easy karaoke song for women to sing this ‘mope’ along song doesn’t need much energy. Give it your all!

4. Dua Lipa | Levitating

Disco funk at it’s best! A few dazzling outfits will complete the look. So get up there and channel your inner Diva!

3. Madonna | Vogue

Strike a pose & vogue, vogue, vogue!. The material girl at her best!!

2. Lizzo | Juice

Try stopping any karaoke crowd from singing along to this fun track. Let’s hope they haven’t had too much ‘Juice’!

1. Mariah Carey | Always Be My Baby

Released in 1995 this is a song from Mariahs’ 5th studio album ‘Daydream’ and became her 11th chart topper on The Billboard 100. This put her on a par with Madonna & Whitney for the most No.1 singles by a female pop artist at the time. Without a doubt, it had to take the No.1 spot on our picks of easy karaoke songs for women… Do, do doop dum!! 


There you have it, our countdown of the Top 25 easy karaoke songs for women.

Find your perfect song to perform, take center stage & express yourself. You never know you might even win karaoke night!! 

Always remember… 

“Winning doesn’t always mean being first”

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