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You want to sing along to all your favorite songs but don't know how to get karaoke songs for free?

We are here to help you!

There are a variety of ways to get karaoke songs for free:

Karaoke has become so popular throughout the past decade that sites for downloading karaoke songs are numerous on the internet.

So let's take a look at a few of the best sites where you can learn more on how to get karaoke songs for free!


If you want your favorite karaoke tracks available when it's time to put on a star studded performance at your next karaoke party, then you are sure to find them on Singa.

This is an App for Android & iOS and with a catalog of over 80,000 songs in different genres, from different eras, you won't have any problem finding the perfect tracks for your next karaoke party.

Singa is free for a number of songs, you also have options of a 30 Day Free Trial or a Monthly Membership whichever you prefer.


Sing2Music produce their own versions of songs for people to sing over. These tracks are often in different keys or in an acoustic style which is quite interesting.

The target clients are usually more serious musicians who want to record professional covers of songs but it is still widely used by Karaoke Kooks worldwide.

These tracks will still work very well at karaoke even though they are not the same as the original versions.

At Sing2Music you search for an artist or a song, you can them stream the chosen song on platforms such as Apple Music or Spotify.

Although a little different, Sing2Music is most definitely worth taking a look at!

Karaoke Version

This is one of the more popular & powerful karaoke websites.

Karaoke Version have a vast library of covers which sound incredibly like the original tracks.

You have the option to isolate certain instruments as you sing along e.g. only have drums or guitar playing which is pretty cool!

There are 150 free karaoke tracks that you can download, other songs will usually cost you a couple of bucks!

The selection of tracks include retro & traditional, many of which are available in different languages which is very important as karaoke is popular all over the world.

Sing King

If you want all the latest hits in karaoke version, this popular Youtube channel will not let you down.

Videos include smash hits from artists such as Lady GaGa, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and many more, with only instrumentals & lyrics.  You can sing along to all your favorites when the mood takes you!! 

You can download videos from Youtube and play them locally without an internet connection.

So what are you waiting for now you know how to get karaoke songs for free?........


Although no longer an online service, you can still download Youka to your computer.

Available for Mac, Linux & Windows it is worth checking out as it can separate music & lyrics from Youtube music videos.

What more do you need for a great karaoke nights' entertainment especially now that you know how to get karaoke songs for free?


Record your karaoke with lyrics or share it as a live performance. How cool is that?

This is one of the many reasons Smule has grown in popularity over the past few years.

The company designs music making tools for PC, Android & iOS devices.

Just imagine, one of your song covers shared on social media gives you the opportunity to be seen world wide, you could be 'discovered' as the next Ariana Grande or Ed Sheeran! Here's hoping!!


Experience karaoke at it's best with a catalog of over 46.000 super quality songs to choose from.

Simply choose to get karafun App on Smartphone, PC, Tablet, Mac, Windows, Android or iOS.

If you have an Android Tv, install the App and you will be singing your heart out in no time at all.

You can get your party started with whichever Karafun version suits you best. A 'Party Pass' option will give you unlimited access for 2 days or you can opt for a monthly subscription giving you unlimited access at any time you feel like stretching those vocal chords.

Pop, Funk, Rap & Rock will keep any karaoke party rockin' all night long. You can even choose Karafun a pre-made playlist to get the party started!

Spice up your karaoke party with Karafun Now!

How To Get Karaoke Songs For Free

  • Youtube
  • Karaoke Apps
  • Free Software
  • Free Trials on Karaoke Websites


Youtube is probably the most popular solution when wondering how to get karaoke songs for free. It is used regularly by Karaoke Kooks around the world. 

With thousands of popular high quality tracks which have both instrumental & lyric videos you are literally spoiled for choice.

It is as easy as connecting your mic/s to your karaoke machine or smart device and you are ready to start singing!

The Top 5 popular channels with high-quality tracks are:

  • Karafun Karaoke - 7500+ Videos Avaialble
  • CC Karaoke - 3000+ Videos Available
  • Easy Karaoke - 3500+ Videos Available
  • Sing King - 2750+ Videos Available
  • Tracks Planet Karaoke - 1800+ Videos Available

These popular channels are easily accessible without having to download anything. They also have a great library of songs covering all genres of music.

The only downside with these channels is that there are 'ads' between each song which can be a bit annoying, and the quality of the videos can be somewhat inconsistent.

Karaoke Apps

Due to their wide and varied library of quality songs, Karaoke Apps have become very popular.

They are readily available for Android & Apple devices on both the App Store & Google Play Store.

Simply connect your mic/s to a smart device & speaker and you are ready to get started. Easy as that!....

It is worth noting that karaoke Apps for Android & iOS have a monthly fee associated with them but usually have a free trial period or free option allowing you to access the tracks. 

Top 5 popular Karaoke Apps are:

  • Starmaker - 1 Million+ catalog 
  • Singsnap - 1 Million+ catalog 
  • Smule - 1 Million+ catalog
  • Yokee - 1 Million+ catalog
  • The Voice - 1 Million+ catalog

Free Software

Although most downloadable karaoke software involves a subscription, you can still find options with either a free trial or free option available.

Karaoke software generally gives users a much higher standard of quality karaoke tracks.

Top 3 downloadable karaoke software:

  • Kanto Karaoke - Playlists limit 5 songs using free windows version
  • Sing Magic - 30.000+ songs available
  • iStar - Works on iOS 

The advantages of using downloadable karaoke software is not only the quality of the audio but also the exclusion of 'Ads' which is an added bonus. 

Remember, it will take time to download your chosen software but it will be well worth the wait when you have access to all your favorite karaoke tracks!!

Free Trials

If you prefer not to download software or use any Apps you always have the option of using a free trial on several karaoke websites.

The free trials are easily accessible without downloading and once again you are not having to put up with any annoying Ads.

Top 4 free trial karaoke websites:

  • Lucky Voice - 14 Day Free Trial
  • Sunfly Karaoke - 14 Day Free Trial
  • Singa - Free version on any device
  • Karafun online player - Offers a free demo

Final Thoughts

There are so many online karaoke tools available that will be advantageous to all party loving Karaoke Kooks.

We hope you find the perfect solution on how to get karaoke songs for free with the information we have provided.

Remember to do more of makes you awesome !! Karaoke!!

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