Irish Karaoke Songs – Come Into The Parlour

If you are looking for some Irish inspiration for your next karaoke party, you will not be disappointed with Karaoke Kooks selection of toe-taping Irish karaoke songs.

Maybe it is a celebration of St Patrick's day where family and friends get together to 'drown the shamrock' or a house party where Irish karaoke songs give singers the opportunity to express their Irish side.

Whatever the occasion you can be sure of a great night of singing and dancing to some of the most memorable Irish karaoke songs that will bring the house down.

Irish Ancestry 

In a 2019 American Community Survey conducted by the US. Census Bureau, around 32 million Americans were shown to have full or partial Ancestry from Ireland.

This is totally understandable as across the 18th & 19th centuries Irish immigrants helped to build America. The USA's infrastructure bears an indelible Irish imprint.

Americans are more than proud of their Irish Ancestry and non more so  than ex president Barrack Obama who recently traced his roots back to County Offaly in the 19th century. In 2011 Obama kicked off a six-day European trip in Ireland, drinking a Guinness in his Irish ancestor's home village Moneygall.

Not forgetting the late great president John F Kennedy, Americas' first Irish-Catholic president who was another of Irish decent tracing his roots back to numerous Counties throughout Ireland.

When JFK paid a visit to Ireland in 1963 he referred to his visit as "the best 4 days of his life". This was exactly five months before he was assassinated in Dallas Texas.

A warm Irish welcome, a pint of Guinness and some iconic Irish Karaoke songs by many of the greatest folk artists in the world, who wouldn't want to have some Irish blood in them?

Traditional Irish music sessions are commonplace in pubs and bars throughout Ireland. Visitors never fail to enjoy a pint of Guinness and a hearty singalong with people they have never met before, but within hours feel they have known all their lives.

This is what Ireland and the Irish people are renowned for the world over.

Céad Míle Fáilte

One Hundred Thousand Welcomes!

Get ready to warm up your vocals and with a little 'Luck of the Irish' you will have everyone on their feet clapping, singing and maybe even showing off some of those iconic 'Riverdance' moves.

Irish Karaoke Songs - 15 Toe-Tappers

eva cassidy danny boy

The lyrics of this beautiful ballad are set to the tune of the 'Londonderry Air'.

This popular ballad was written in 1910 by Frederic Weatherly a British lawyer who's Irish born sister-in-law sent him a copy of the Londonderry Air.

He then modified the lyrics to fit the tune. Danny Boy has been considered an unofficial anthem by Irish Americans and Irish Canadians over the years.

bing crosby when irish eyes are smiling

Bing Crosby grew up listening to traditional Irish songs as his mothers side of the family had emigrated from Ireland in the 19th century.

With the soft melodic tones of his voice, Bing brought a tear to the eye when singing this beautiful song.

clancy brothers the wild colonial boy

This traditional folk ballad tells the story of a boy raised in Castlemaine in Ireland who went to Australia and became a bushranger in the 19th century. 

He was eventually shot and killed by police during a gunfight. Numerous recordings have been made of this song by 20th century artists, but the Clancy Brothers is the favorite version throughout Ireland.

jim mccann (dubliners) the rose of tralee

"She was lovely and fair as the rose of the summer"

Beautiful lyrics about a women called Mary who because of her beauty was called the 'Rose of Tralee'. 

The Rose of Tralee International Festival was inspired by this ballad.

johnny cash forty shades of green

Johnny Cash wrote and recorded this song during a visit to Ireland in 1961. It is included in two of his albums 'Ring of Fire' and 'The Best of Johnny Cash'.

Credit to Cash for making a truly great Irish inspired song.

dolores keane galway bay

If you haven't heard this amazing recording, do it now! One of the best female recording artists whose voice touches your soul. 

Get a box of tissues at the ready!

bing crosby i'll take you home again kathleen

This beloved Irish balled was written 11 years after the Amercan Civil War. The song was recorded by artists including Bing Crosby, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and many more.

In the 1950 movie 'Rio Grande' Irish beauty Maureen O' Hara was serenaded by a soldier singing this beautiful ballad.

the dubliners | the black velvet band

Irish folk music at it's best! It is music that penetrates the soul and makes you proud to be Irish. 

Luke Kelly was considered to be the greatest Irish singer ever. Sadly due to complications following a brain tumor operation he passed away in 1984.

foster and allen the way old friends do

Although written by Bjorn and Benny of the Swedish group ABBA, this recording by Foster and Allen is a beautiful cover that will encourage any crowd to join in the chorus.

the dubliners seven drunken nights

This humorous Irish folk song tells the story of a gullible drunk returning home each night to see evidence of his wife's lover.

She gives him implausible explanations telling him that he is a drunken old fool imagining things.

the clancy brothers & tommy makem i'll tell me ma

This is a traditional children's song. In Ireland the chorus usually refers to Belfast City although it is also adapted to others cities in Ireland such as Dublin. 

the pogues & the dubliners irish rover

If this song does not get the crowd singing and stomping their feet, then nothing will. This iconic Irish folk song has been recorded by numerous artists over the years but none can compare to this recording by The Pogues and the Dubliners. 

The song describes a gigantic ships, seven year voyage which culminates in a disastrous end after there is an outbreak of measles on board killing all but the narrator and the captains' dog.

The ship strikes a rock, turning 'nine times around' and sinks drowning the captains dog.

The narrator is the only survivor and the:

'Last of the Irish Rover'

foster and allen bunch of thyme

This song launched the career of Foster and Allen and the rest is history. It's a song about being let down when you think you have found true love. A truly beautiful heartfelt rendition.

the pogues wild rover

This wildly popular Irish song is sometimes referred to as Ireland's second national anthem. The song is about a man drinking in a pub who at the last verse decides to mend his ways and leave alcohol behind. An absolute classic Irish karaoke song.

paddy reilly the fields of athenry

Paddy Reilly released this song as a single in 1983 which became the most successful version remaining in the Irish charts for 72 weeks. 

He is one of Ireland's most famous balladeers. 

The song tells the story of a young man caught steeling corn during the Irish famine who was deported to Botany Bay in Australia as punishment.

The song can still be heard regularly on stands and terraces throughout Ireland and abroad as it has been widely adopted by football and rugby fans. It is now a well known sporting anthem and one of the greatest Irish karaoke songs that everyone knows and loves.

Irish singers and songwriters are the greatest storytellers as can be seen from our choice of the top 15 Irish karaoke songs. These songs will either tug at your heartstrings or have you crying with laughter.

With talented singers like the great Paddy Reilly, The Dubliners, Foster and Allen to name just a few, it is impossible to deny the talent that exists to the present day in Irish music.

Any of these Irish karaoke songs will bring a smile to the face or a tear to the eye, but by the end of the evening your guests or audience will leave with a warm heart and a family of new friends.

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