Karaoke Games – Fun For All!

Karaoke parties are fun and entertaining at the best of times and if you want to make them even more interesting why not add a few challenging karaoke games that all of your guests can participate in.

Getting everyone involved creates a great atmosphere at any karaoke party. Adults & kids will absolutely love adding some quirky games to their songfest!

If you can't think of any games offhand, you can always create some yourself. When it involves music & singing there are endless possibilities for inventing some new awesome games that will make your party go down a storm!

We have chosen a few challenging fun karaoke games to add to your list. We are sure that family & friends will thoroughly enjoy taking part.

The Voice - Guess The Singer?

Items Needed

  • 4 Chairs
  • 4 Pens
  • 4 Notepads

Based on the popular Tv show this is a great game to add to your karaoke games list. 

Select 4 guests to sit on the chairs with their backs turned away from the stage area and give each of them a pen a notepad. The party host will then choose random guests to take to the stage and sing.

The seated players will then write down the name of the person they think is performing. The first player to hold up the correct singers name is the winner.

This is one of the most popular karaoke games as the singers can choose some of the karaoke machines voice changing features whilst singing to make it a little more difficult for the seated players.

Name That Tune?

Items Needed

  • 2 Teams
  • 2 Singers

A popular game for any karaoke party, name that tune is easy and fun for all to get involved with. Players are divided into two teams and one person from each team is chosen as the singer.

The singer will sing a part of a song and the teams are competing to see who guesses the name of the tune. The point goes to the team who shouts out the correct title of the song first.

Hat Of Horrors!!

Items Needed

  • Singers 
  • Hat

This game is so much fun, but be prepared!!

Instead of picking a song from a playlist, your guests choose a song that they 'Dare' someone else to sing. The singer is randomly selected from the names in a hat and has to sing the chosen song.

It could be Whitney Houstons' I will always love you which is a difficult song to sing at the best of times or it could be a fun song like the B'52's Rock Lobster!

Whichever song is chosen the singer should grab the mic and have a blast.

Song Association..

Items Needed

  • Pen 
  • Notepad
  • Hat

Each guest must write down a word (any word) on a piece of paper which are then placed into a hat. Each player pulls a word from the hat and has to think of any song that contains the word they have chosen. They then have to sing that song.

This game can be made even more challenging for players. Rules can be set such as:

The song title must contain the word, not only the lyrics.

Songs cannot be repeated by players even if it is a different word that is picked from the hat.

Alphabet Karaoke..

Items Needed

  • 2 Teams
  •  Pens & Notepads
  • Letters of the Alphabet
  • Hat

Divide your guests into two teams and place all the letters of the alphabet into a hat. 

One person from each team draws a letter from the hat and challenges the opposing team to write down as many songs / groups whose name begins with the chosen letter.

You should consider setting a time limit on this game. The team with the most answers within the allowed time wins the round.

Don't Forget The Lyrics..

Items Needed

  • 2 Teams
  • Singers
  • Songs

Another great karaoke game that everybody will enjoy playing. This game can be played in various ways. 

Teams in turn pick a song for the designated singer to perform. The more difficult or obscure the song, the more difficult it will be for the opposing team to guess the missing lyrics.

The singer sings the song and pauses at any point making sure that the lyrics are not visible. Whoever guesses the missing lyrics wins the round.

The second variation of the game is where the singer chooses a random song and stops at any point they want to. The first team to guess the next line in the song scores the point.

A great strategy would be to choose some 'golden oldies' such as 'Build Me Up Buttercup' by The Four Tops to throw a spanner in the works!

Who Am I?

Items Needed

  • Guests
  • Post-it Notes

As your guests arrive stick a post-it note with the name of a singer written on it on to their forehead. None of your karaoke party guests will know which singers name they have received.

By talking to other players and asking only YES or NO questions they have to guess who they are.

This game will add some great detective work to your party and will keep your guests totally entertained throughout the night.

Rap Time..

Items Needed

  • Teams
  • Notepad
  • Hat

Use pages of the notepad and write funny topics on each. Place them all into a hat.

Divide your guests into small teams and let each team pick a comical topic from the hat. The teams have 15 minutes to create a rap matching the topic and then must perform their piece for the other guests.

Obviously the funnier you make the topics, the more hilarious the raps will be. 

Guests then vote on the rap they thought was the most entertaining & funny. Rap the night up with this fun for all karaoke game.

Song Charades..

Items Needed

  • Players
  • Notepad
  • Songs
  • Hat

Select a variety of songs and write them onto individual pages of the notepad and place into a hat.

All Players choose a partner and one of them picks a song from the hat which they must illustrate to the other through mime. (No Sounds Allowed)!!

The partner must identify the song being illustrated in under 60 seconds and earns a point if the answer is correct. The team who scores the most points are declared the winners.

Music Quiz..

Items Needed

  • Quizmaster
  • Songs
  • Players

Select one of your guests to be the quizmaster on this game he / she should play any song from all your party playlists.

Players must then identify the artist and the song to score a point. Players with the most points at the end of game are the winners.

Karaoke Games - Challenging & Fun

Hopefully we have given you a few great ideas for karaoke games to add extra dynamics to your upcoming parties.

Take your party to the next level with these challenging & fun games that all your guests are sure to enjoy.

From Hat of Horrors to Song Charades, incorporating some entertaining karaoke games to your night will make your karaoke party one of the most memorable yet!!

"Life is more fun if you play games"

Roald Dahl