Karaoke On PS4 – Epic Battles!

Karaoke on PS4? - Yes! Absolutely!

Turn your PS4 into a karaoke machine and believe it or not, you will have more fun than you could ever have imagined. 

Due to amazing advances in technology these days, it is now easier than ever to sing karaoke on a variety of popular devices including PS4.

You have a passion for singing? You have a PS4? Then you are ready to rock 'n' roll!!

So the question is, how can you turn your PS4 into a karaoke machine? 

Karaoke Kooks will explore the best methods for you to karaoke on your PlayStation 4 and before you know it you will be unleashing your inner 'rock star' for all your friends to see and hear.

Youtube Karaoke Games

If you do not already have YouTube on your PS4 you need to install it:

  • Sign in to your PlayStation Account
  • Open The PS Store - Search YouTube
  • Click on YT Icon - Download The App
  • When Downloaded Find TV & Video Option on Home Menu
  • In TV/Video Category Select YouTube Icon & Launch
  • Sign In With Google Account & Start Using YouTube on PS4

If you prefer to use karaoke games, simply put the game on your PS4. Although this is an easier method you need to bear in mind that the song selection will be limited.

YouTube Apps

If you want quick access to free karaoke songs for PS4 then YouTube has an abundance of popular channels with all your favorite quality karaoke tracks from many of the greatest artists available.

If you happen to have YouTube Premium then you will not have to suffer those 'pain in the ass' ads at the start and finish of each song which is worth bearing in mind!

Popular YouTube Channels For You To Consider

  • Sing King Karaoke 
  • KaraFun Karaoke
  • Kool Karaoke
  • Mega Karaoke Songs

From the latest chart hits to all time classic favorites, you are sure to find enough great tracks to help you sing karaoke on PS4 and perform like the SuperStar you always knew you were! Once you start singing you will be having so much fun that you will not want to stop!

Karaoke Games PS4

Just Sing

If you love an exciting Karaoke Battle then this is the game choice for you. The game offers 2 different modes:

Party Mode

You will have an absolute blast with karaoke on PS4. Party mode not only records your karaoke performance, but scores it too! How cool is that?

Battle Mode

If you are a competitive person as most Karaoke Kooks are, get your battle gear on and get ready to compete with other karaoke kooks in play.

If you are wondering whether you need a microphone or not, you actually do not need one to play Just Sing on PS4. It has a free Companion App that allows you to turn your smartphone into a mic.

Before you know it, Just Sing will have you 'rockin' to lots of great tracks from many famous artists and you will be performing like a SuperStar.

It is a popular game for karaoke on PS4 and will provide you with many hours of fun & entertainment. 

We Sing 2

Are you a soloist or a group vocalist?. Either way We Sing 2 provides 6 different game modes for you to either go solo or belt out some classic tracks with friends.

With We Sing 2 you can have up to 10 people performing at the same time for some great karaoke entertainment. The more, the merrier!!

You have the option to plug in a USB mic or sing with your smartphone. There is also the We Sing Mic App that turns your phone into a microphone (free download).

Let's Sing

Karaoke on PS4 is easy with this game. With 35 top quality licensed tracks from artists such as Ariana Grande & the amazing Lady Gaga.

You can choose to sing on your own or have fun duetting along with friends.

The Let's Sing game pack comes with a USB microphone to connect your PS4. Popular and fun, this game is one you should definitely check out!

Singing like a SuperStar with your games console has never been easier. You can sing to your hearts' content when you karaoke on PS4 either by yourself or along with your buddies.

Karaoke on PS4

So there you have it!    Forget 'Call of Duty'    it's time to get your PlayStation buddies partying along with you at karaoke on PS4.

Before you know it they will all be hooked on karaoke!

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