Karaoke Songs For A Group – Final Countdown!

Unforgettable party nights with classic karaoke songs for a group performance!!

We all know that karaoke may appear to be a fun & entertaining activity from the outside looking in, but as any karaoke aficionado will tell you, sometimes believe it or not, it can lead to all-out-karaoke-war.

Maybe you have your regular standard karaoke song at the ready to perform to an enthusiastic non-judgemental audience who are more than happy to watch you absolutely 'murder' a Mariah Carey song.

On the other hand there may be times where half of your audience have studied music at Berklee and the other half are only there to take the 'Mickey' out of the performers. You know what we are talking about ?

It is at times like these that you need to pull some timeless karaoke songs for a group performance out of the hat. If only to silence the 'Music Buffs' and shock the haters even if you are not the best singer in the world!

Lets face it you can't fail with group songs as you are all doing the same thing so no one will judge you as an individual. Hopefully a few members of the group can hold a note to cover up any bad vocals!

All that you need to do is choose an anthem or a totally unusual track and belt it out. There are so many memorable karaoke songs for a group such a Queens' Bohemian Rhapsody or Tubthumping by Chumbawamba.

These classics never fail to raise the roof and the 'karaoke spirit' of any karaoke crowd.

Get you gladrags on and check out some classic karaoke songs for a group session that will absolutely go down a storm!!

bonnie tyler total eclipse of the heart

This classic is a 'no brainer'. It is a karaoke standard and an ideal karaoke song for a group to perform. You are sure to eclipse all the other performers!!

chumbawamba tubthumping

You will definitely be winning when you are singing this smash hit. Inevitably the atmosphere after a few drinks will be perfect for total crowd participation to help you group performance.

Don't forget to get back up again!!

backstreet boys everybody

Yes, Everybody will want to get in on the act with this classic from the boys themselves. Throw a few iconic dance moves in and your group will win the night hands down!

britney spears hit me baby one more time

As always Britney hits the mark with this timeless track. One of many great karaoke songs for a group to sing. Get those Britney nasal tones going and you will win any crowd over.

the proclaimers | i'm gonna be (500 miles)

Get your walking boots on and you will smash this brilliant track. You will have no trouble at all with the lyrics as it is mostly the same words repeated over & over again.

miley cyrus party in the usa

Come on girls! This one is up there with some of the greatest karaoke songs for a group to perform. You are sure to smash it! Put your hands up, sing your song and party the night away!!

journey don't stop believin'

Believe you can, and you will knock this out of the park. This classic rock anthem is the perfect song for any group to belt out at karaoke and the crowd will love to join in too.

the b-52's love shack

Strange, but fun, this upbeat track is great for a mixed group to sing. So guys & girls get together and 'funk it up'!!

destiny's child say my name

It's a fact that any of their songs or Beyonce songs will rock any karaoke party. Try stopping the crowd from joining in if you dare!

alanis morissette you oughta know

Hate Your Ex? Get your girlfriends together and scream this classic track out at the top of your voices. There is no better way to get over being dumped! 

Enjoy being single girls!!

Karaoke Songs For A Group

So there you have it, Our top picks of the ultimate karaoke songs for a group that you may consider performing with friends at your next karaoke night.

Some of these original songs were performed by groups, some were not. It doesn't matter if a song was performed by one, two or three singers, get up on the stage with as many friends as you would like in the group and give it your all.

The More the Merrier!!

If you are rockin' it out with friends at your local karaoke bar don't be surprised if those 'snobby' music buffs and the song-hating individuals in the crowd end up jumping on to the stage & join in!! They usually can't help themselves !!

At the end of the day the songs you choose to perform should make everyone in the audience starry-eyed and excited longing to join in the singing when they hear the first notes of a song.

Certain karaoke songs are without a doubt sure-fire crowd pleasers that will inevitably reward you with a standing ovation. You can't get better than that!

So it's time to get your friends together, choose a 'knockout' track from our selection of karaoke songs for a group and put on a memorable showstopping performance.

You are sure to be 'walking on air' with your heads held high as you leave the karaoke party night! 'Till the next time!!

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