Karaoke Songs That Make You Dance – Disco Fever!!

If you love to sing and dance then karaoke is an absolute must for you.

Karaoke songs that make you dance will help you to leave all your troubles behind when the music starts and your feet start tapping along to the beat.

So what are the best karaoke songs that make you dance and party the night away?

Here at Karaoke Kooks we have selected some of the greatest disco songs that never fail to get everyone out on the floor dancing and having fun with friends.

Karaoke Songs That Make You Dance - 20 Disco Greats

abba dancing queen

Sweden's greatest export, Abba have written and produced some of the most iconic songs in music history that everybody is sure to know.

Get those 'Dancing Queen' shoes on and show off some of those great Abba dance moves.

rick astley never gonna give you up

Rick never gave up, and is still as popular today as he was when he first started out in 1985. 

Dance, sing, try stopping yourself from joining in at karaoke with this great singalong track.

grease cast summer nights

Well-a-well-a-well-a huh....

Oh, Oh, the summer nights.

This is  up there with some of the best karaoke songs that make you dance the night away.  A real crowd pleaser with a fun chorus for all to join in with.

village people ymca

'Pick yourself up off the ground' and get those infectious YMCA dance moves on the go for a party to remember. Dig out some costumes for the full effect.

the trammps disco inferno

Feel the burn with another amazing disco hit from the Trammps. 

Dance it out and 'burn baby burn'..... Karaoke songs that make you dance don't get much better than this.!

kool and the gang

get down on it

You can certainly 'get down on it' on the dance floor to one of Kool and The Gangs greatest hits. They are one of the greatest Disco bands ever...

diana ross i'm coming out

You sure will be when you hear this 1980's hit by the Motown Queen, Miss Diana Ross

One of those tracks you simply have to sing and dance along to.

earth, wind & fire september

Do you remember? You won't forget dancing and singing along to this disco anthem.

Make sure you are in a large group if you try hitting the falsetto high notes on this track.

gloria gaynor i will survive

Get your disco diva squad together and dance and sing your hearts out to the ultimate break-up ballad. One to include on your Karaoke songs that make you dance playlist.

donna summer hot stuff

If Prince Charles, the future King of England can thrust his hips along to the beat of this 'Full Monty' lead track, then so can you!!!

Great mixture of rock and disco to get your rhythm on.

o 'jays love train

This may have been a one hit wonder but it remains an unforgettable classic.

Get on board and dance the night away!

kc & the sunshine band give it up

A truly infectious disco classic that will have you on your feet when you hear the very first beat.

An absolute crowd pleaser and definitely one of those great karaoke songs that make you dance!!

the weather girls 

it's raining men

'Get ready all you lonely girls' if you want it to start raining men.... Get up on your feet and make a splash!... Hallelujah!!!

sister sledge he's

the greatest dancer

'The Champion of dance, his moves would put you in a trance' 

What else is there to say? 

Dance, Dance, Dance!

chic le freak

Disco karaoke at it's best... Aaaaaah Freak Out!

You sure will to this iconic track that will raise the roof at any karaoke party or event.

walk the moon shut up and dance

Peaking at No.4 on The Billboard Hot 100 this was the bands' biggest single from their 3rd studio album 'Talking is Hard' in 2014.

The infectious verse will have everybody joining in at karaoke.

cher believe

Once again Cher re-invented herself and came back with this great disco track that took the world by storm.

Great dance-pop song to get everybody up on their feet.

los del rio macarena

This 90s chart topper was a hit everywhere with its' signature dance moves.

Try sitting this one out if you dare!

madonna into the groove

Great 80's track from the material girl herself. 

Strike a pose and hit the dance floor to this No.1 classic hit.

beyonce single ladies (put a ring on it)

Come on girls, if the guys don't step up and put a ring on it... Dump Them!!

Great track with some iconic dance moves to get any karaoke crowd singing and dancing the night away.

Feel Good Music

Let's face it, disco music makes you feel good!

Even with some 'Questionable' dance moves thrown in, Disco still hits the right note at karaoke.

Performers love to sing it, and audiences can't get enough of it.

Everyone is guaranteed to sing and dance the night away to any of 'Kooks Picks' of classic disco jams.

From The Village People to Donna Summer there are plenty of amazing tracks to get your disco groove onto and have the time of your life at karaoke.

Karaoke songs that make you dance will always include some classic Disco hits and Anthems.

Dance is you pulse, your heartbeat your breathing.

It's the rhythm of your life.

It's the expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy.

Jacques d' Amboise // Dancer & Choreographer

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