Most Common Karaoke Songs – Popular Top 20 Hits!

It's karaoke party time again, get ready to 'let your hair down' and have your guests rockin' the night away to some of the most common karaoke songs ever.

If you are not sure what to sing, it's time to check out Karaoke Kooks picks of the top 20 most common karaoke songs for the ultimate singalong that everyone will be sure to enjoy.

Whether it's a duet from 'Grease', a Golden Oldie from Elvis or a Country Classic, we've got you more than covered.

Most Common Karaoke Songs – Popular Top 20 Hits

mariah carey always be my baby

Do do doop dum, Do do doop do doop da dum! ............

If you only get that bit right you will be on to a winner with this great track from the 'Diva' herself Mariah!

One of the most common karaoke songs that every crowd loves to join in with.

george ezra shotgun

Great track to sing, upbeat and positive and if you can get a few buddies to join in the chorus you will be 'riding shotgun' all the way to karaoke stardom.

lady gaga & bradley cooper shallow

Picks of the most common karaoke songs will always include this amazing duet from the movie 'A Star is Born'. 

This track has sold in excess of 10 million copies and has been streamed over an incredible 500 million times...

To say it is popular, is an understatement!

ed sheeran perfect

One of the most romantic ballads ever from the multi-award winner Ed Sheeran.

The lyrics are beautiful and describe the perfect relationship.

Great song for all the guys to sing if you want to 'win her over'.

the greatest showman this is me

From the 2017 feelgood movie starring Hugh Jackman, this song will make you the star of any karaoke party if you decide to perform it. 

You will be 'The Greatest Showman'. Go on, it's time to  show them 'This is you'....

tony christie is this the way to amarillo

One of the most common karaoke songs and a hands down winner that everyone knows and loves. 

Written by the great Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield, it is as popular today as it was on it's release in 1972.

Try stopping any crowd joining in the singalong if you dare!

little mix shout out to my ex

Perfect song for the girls! Great choice for all the ladies to 'vent' their feelings to their ex's.

Get up there grab the mics and 'Shout Out To Your Ex'. You will never feel so good!!

Elvis Presley love me tender

A best loved and one of the most common karaoke songs that all Elvis impersonators love to get their 'quivering' lips around.

An easy song to sing and one that will always hit the right note with any karaoke crowd.

adele make you feel my love

Don't even consider singing this iconic song unless you can 'delve deep' and put all your emotions into it. You need to make your karaoke audience 'feel it' too.

Beautiful track from the one and only Adele.

john denver take me home country roads

A li'l bit o' country always hits the spot at any good karaoke session.

From one of the best country singers of all time, this song is a surefire crowd pleaser and a 'must' for all country fans playlists.

queen somebody to love

If you want to impress any karaoke audience then this song is the perfect choice.

'Queen' never failed when it came to crowd participation.

Their music made people feel part of the whole experience.

So grab the mic, show off your best 'Freddie Mercury' moves and you will surely be 'Somebody to Love'...

dean martin little ole wine drinker me

Add some 'fun' to the party night with one of the most common karaoke songs that will get any  crowd swaying and singing along..

The great late Dean Martin gave us this timeless classic. 

After a few drinks with mic in hand anyone can 'nail this'!

prince purple rain

Bring the tempo down on the night with this slow jam from the late, great showman 'Prince'.

It's time to bare your soul if you take on this classic at karaoke.

backstreet boys i want it that way

When creating a playlist of the most common karaoke songs to sing, then this feelgood track is a must.

A catchy chorus always wins hands down and 'I Want It That Way' certainly has it!

bruce springsteen born to run

Slay any crowd with this karaoke classic from the 'Boss'. 

Released in 1975 this was his first single to chart and as we all know, the rest is history!

The 'Boss' was born to run for many many more years.

wham wake me up before you go go

The pop sensation 'Wham' gave us this energetic crowd pleaser that never fails to get the crowd on their feet at karaoke.

'Cheesy', but certainly one to lift the spirits.

'Slick' that hair back and get those George Michael moves going on!!

katy perry roar

If you are looking for a karaoke night hit to raise the roof then this is your song. Catchy and with a banger of a chorus, the crowd will definitely 'Roar' at your performance.

olivia newton john & john travolta you'rE the one that i want

You can't go wrong with the biggest selling movie track of all time from the movie 'Grease'.

'Sandy and Danny' get ready to strut your stuff and get those 'Chills Multiplying'.

Whatever you do don't 'Lose Control' and your performance will be a knockout!

journey Don't stop believin'

A perfect rock song anthem for all you hardened rockers out there. 

This was the biggest hit for 'Journey' and due to being performed in the premiere episode of the TV drama 'Glee' it became one of the most downloaded on Apples iTune Store with over 5 million copies sold.

Don't Stop Believin'...... You will smash it!!!

gloria gaynor i will survive 

Get ready to belt out this classic in style and show off your best dance moves.

Anyone who can hold a note can sing this track with ease. So if at first.. 'You are Afraid or Petrified,... get over it,... grab the mic and feel empowered!

One of the most common karaoke songs that is sure to raise the roof, a hands down winner.


Let's face it, choosing 20 of the most common karaoke songs was not that difficult as there are thousands of amazing tracks that Karaoke Kooks love to perform at any given opportunity.

The 20 tracks we have selected are simply a 'drop in the ocean', but will never fail to impress any karaoke crowd.

The only thing better than singing is more singing - Ella Fitzgerald

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