What Is The Most Requested Song At Karaoke? Revealed!!

Many people often ask the question' What is the most requested song at karaoke? 

Karaoke is undoubtedly one of the worlds' greatest pastimes. From young kids to grandma and grandpa, everyone has a special song that they love to sing at karaoke.

When it comes to karaoke, age is irrelevant as everybody is capable of either humming, whistling or singing along to a tune.

History has given us a vast library of music, from great composers to present day writers and talented artists. Somewhere amongst them there are songs that never fail to impress when performed at karaoke.

Good singers, not so good singers, it doesn't matter when it comes down to it as karaoke is all about having fun and entertaining your audience.

Even some of the 'worst' singers on the planet can win an audience over with their confident performances at karaoke.

Grabbing a mic and choosing a song that is popular will ensure that you are at least 'half way there.' Karaoke crowds are always happy to join in the singalong and they will hardly ever notice a few 'bum' notes here and there!

So in answer to what is the most requested song at karaoke? Here at Karaoke Kooks we have selected some of the most requested songs of all time.

We hope you agree!

What Is The most Requested Song At Karaoke?

gloria gaynor i will survive

If you haven't heard this classic being belted out, then it's not karaoke night! A female empowerment anthem that the ladies love to sing, especially if they are moving on from a relationship. Go for it girls, lift yourselves up and move on!

zac brown band "chicken fried"

Grab your buddies, but don't get to sentimental to this great country jam from the amazing Zac Brown Band.

enya orinoco floW

Sail away, sail away, sail away! A perfect choice for a group singalong even if you don't know all of the verses. At least most people will know the refrain and will be belting it out at the top of their voices to help you along.

50 cent in da club

Great crowd pleaser that will bring some energy to the occasion. A good choice to get any crowd going early on in the night.

bruce springsteen dancing in the dark

The 'Boss' never fails to motivate a crowd at karaoke. They will be up on their feet in no time showing off their best Courtney Cox moves.

george michael freedom '90'

You'd better 'Wake up before you go go' to any karaoke party and bring the house down with another smash hit from the great, late George Michael. Gather around and give 'Freedom' everything you've got.

human league don't you want me

It doesn't get much better than this if you want some crowd participation. 'Don't you want me OHHHHHHH! Brilliant superstar duet to raise the roof.

sonny and cher i got you babe

A little bit of 60's nostalgia that even the younger fans are sure to know since it appeared in the 1993 movie Groundhog Day. This heartfelt ballad is the perfect duet choice for any 'loved up couple' to perform.

one direction what makes you beautiful

If you don't already know the chorus to this song, you certainly will by the final refrain. A great song to get together with friends for an uplifting group singalong.

boyz II men end of the road

R&B slow songs don't get much better than this to round the karaoke night off. Always best to save this one 'till last if you want to keep the crowd on your side. Great group singalong choice.

bon jovi livin' on a prayer

Back to the 80's with this classic song from a great rock band 'Bon Jovi'. This was their second chart topper from the third album ' Slippery When Wet'. If you are still wondering what is the most requested song at karaoke? then this track is up there with the best.

miley cyrus party in the usa

You will have no problem getting the party into full swing with this great song. Upbeat and with easy lyrics, everyone will want to 'Party in the USA'.

adele rolling in the deep

'Hopefully' you can show off your vocal abilities with a rendition of Adele's 2010 smash hit. When the crowd join in on the chorus of 'we could've had it all', you can hold back on your vocal power, save it for the last of the five choruses, and then go all in!

frank sinatra my way

Old Blue Eyes 'My Way' is the perfect song to end any karaoke night on. A solo performance to top them all. Just do it Your Way!

marvin gaye & tammi terrell ain't no mountain high enough

This iconic duet is a great song to get things moving early on in the night. Dance along as you perform with some easy arm movements, high, low, wide, and you will smash it.

toto africa

What is the most requested song at karaoke? Well if this song doesn't get the whole crowd singing along, then nothing will. This is a hands down crowd pleaser anytime day or night. 'Bless those rains down in africa'.

nancy sinatra these boots are made for walking

Ditch those stilettos and get some 60's vinyl boots to do the walking on this classic track. Be sure to get those tricky lyrics right, or you could end up walking out the door!

elvis suspicious minds

'Elvis has entered the building'. Hopefully a great solo performance of this heart-rending classic will wow any karaoke crowd. Ge those hips swinging and a bit of lip twitching on the go and you will be the 'King' of the karaoke night.

lady gaga bad romance

'Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah' Got it? not much more to say on this great karaoke choice that everyone is sure to know and will happily join in with.

journey don't stop believin'

In answer to the question what is the most requested song at karaoke? Here you have it! 'Don't Stop Believin' is one of those iconic songs that everyone knows and loves. Not only is it the most requested, it is probably the greatest karaoke song of all time......

Who isn't happy when they hear it?

What Is The Most Requested Song At Karaoke?

It undoubtedly has to be a song that people are familiar with. A song that is possibly decades old but still brings that 'Magic' to make people happy when they hear it. 

Karaoke Kooks Top 20 selection simply had to place 'Don't Stop Believin' by Journey on the No.1 spot for the simple reason it is full of 1980's Rock N' Roll magic.

Whatever you do 'Don't Stop Believin' in KARAOKE!

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