Karaoke Machine That Improves Voice – Sound Like A Pro!

A popular karaoke machine that improves voice to make bad singers sound good and good singers sound amazing is the Singtrix party bundle.

From the creators of Guitar Hero and featured on:

  • Shark Tank
  • The Kardashians
  • Ellen

The Singtrix karaoke machine that improves voice making you sound noticeably better, will without a doubt be your go-to device for home entertainment.

With over 300 different presets and voice tunes, it helps you to sing in key even if you happen to be the worst singer in the world.

You can shine like a star as the voice tunes are the best feature of this Singtrix party bundle. You will be totally amazed!

40 Watt Stereo Speaker

A 40w 2.1 stereo speaker produces a clear, crisp sound and depending on your song choice you can alter the treble and bass to tweak to your liking which is another great feature of the Singtrix karaoke machine that improves voice.

Next to the power switch on the machine is the volume control and the bonus subwoofer opposite side of the speaker will ensure that you raise the roof at any karaoke party or venue.

Another cool feature of this speaker is that it can also double up as your home movie theatre speaker.

Plug & Play 'Studio' Effects Console

The 'Plug & Play Studio Console' is where you can locate all your 'effects' Hit effect (also on microphone) music and mic volume controls.

In the 'My Voice' feature there are 3 different mic controls to choose from:

  • Enhanced (Beginners)
  • Semi-Pro (As Voice Develops)
  • Professionals (Don't Need Any Help)

Use the Song Voice feature to lower lead vocals when you play music from Mp3 or other devices that play the actual artist.

Lowering the lead vocals allows you to take over as lead singer which is pretty cool!

Pre-Loaded Studio Effects Pre-Sets

Pre-Loaded with over 300 different styles of pre-sets, the Singtrix karaoke machine that improves voice allows you to play around with different vocals which adds even more fun to your performances.  

The 'Universal Effect' is awesome as one voice can actually produce a:

  • Duet
  • Three Part Harmony
  • Sound Like A Live Choir

For the ultimate professional experience you can use:

  • Re-Verbs
  • Delay
  • Flangers
  • Low and High Tones

Fixed key songs bring full range to the music and your voice. Giving so much range, these effects on the Singtrix karaoke machine that improves voice will ensure that you never have time to do anything else but Sing! Sing! Sing!

Different genres of music that cater to everyone's taste include:

  • Country
  • Pop
  • Hip-Hop
  • Rock etc

Color Customization

Another amazing feature of this popular Singtrix karaoke machine that improves voice is the color customization. The default color on the console is orange, but depending on your mood you have the option to slide different cardboard color plates under the glass of the console. There are 3 colors to choice from:

Red, Black & Pink

Professional Quality Mic Stand w/ Boom Arm

If you have always dreamt of having your own little home studio, then the mic stand with boom arm will give you that instant studio feel especially when you connect your headphones to the console.

This is a perfect way to add even more fun to your performances when you get together with friends and family at karaoke. 

Custom Mic w/ 'HIT' Effect Control

Most Karaoke Kooks would agree that there is nothing worse than having to hold a heavy microphone when you are performing at karaoke. You will have no worries with the Singtrix custom microphone as it is lightweight and comfortable to hold.

The 'HIT' effect is located on both the console and on top of the microphone. Most people do not want the distraction when performing of having to look for the button on the console and prefer to use the mic button which is obviously much more convenient.

The custom microphone also lets you harmonise to the sound of the console presets. You have the added option to hook up a second microphone to the console but it will not produce the same awesome profesional effect that the Singtrix custom mic produces. However if you enjoy performing duets with friends it is worth adding an extra mic!

Device Holder

The built-in device holder is perfect, as it secures your devices eliminating any worries you may have about dropping them as you perform. 

Simply hook your device up to the console and you can then either load up your music or download music from the Singtrix App.

If you wish to stream music by joining the Singtrix Club there is a monthly fee of $11.99 or you have the option to purchase 'Song Credit Packs' starting at:

  • $9.99 - 5 Songs
  • Up to $99.99 - 55 Songs

If you do not want to commit to joining and would prefer to check things out first, then your best option is to check out the 'Free' section that has limited songs.

Before purchasing you can download and preview individual songs that also have the preset option that will go with the track of your choice. Please not the the songs are on karaoke cloud.

The Singtrix Party Bundle is without a doubt a karaoke machine that improves voice, with an amazing selection of effects to enhance your performances. The bundle offers ultra-quality characters and voice morphing.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a machine with powerful speakers and pro-quality effects, Karaoke Kooks highly recommend the Singtrix Party Bundle.

Singtrix Party Bundle


Professional quality - Powerful 40w 2.1 speaker w/ built-in subwoofer.

Advanced auto tuning - Makes bad singers sound good, makes good singers sound amazing.

375+ effects - Features 3 skill levels from beginner to pro, covers every genre of music, voice morphing & more.

Hit effect - Instant harmonies.

Instruments - Works with guitar, keyboard and more.

Mic x1 - Perfectly weighted & balanced wired mic with 10ft cable.

Music - Works with YouTube Karaoke Video, Mp3's and Streaming Music.

Pros & Cons


  • Powerful Speakers.
  • Pro Quality Effects.
  • Pitch Correction Feature.
  • Lightweight Compact and Portable.


  • No CD Player.
  • Mic Volume Could Be Improved.

Ultimate Party Experience

For the ultimate karaoke party experience you need look no further than the Singtrix Party Bundle.

It's Fun For All Ages!

Singtrix gives everyone the confidence you need to perform like a star. No other karaoke machine compares.


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