What Features to Look for in a Karaoke Machine | Essentials!

If you have finally decided it is time to invest in a karaoke system then there are several things you need to consider before you take the plunge and splash out your hard earned cash.

We hope our guide will give you an insight into what features to look for in a karaoke machine.

It is quite a challenge as there are so many various types, brands and models available and you need to ensure that whichever system you decide to buy has the esssential features you would like.

Let's take a look at a few different types of karaoke machine and hopefully at least one of them will not only suit your requirements, but also your budget.

It also important to know what features to look for in a karaoke machine to ensure your system lives up to your expectations.

All-In-One Microphone

The All-In-One microphone is the least expensive karaoke machine consisting of mic, speaker & mixer.

Using Bluetooth or an Aux cable you can simply connect it to any of your smart devices e.g. Tablet or Smartphone.

On your smart device you can then open Youtube to search for any karaoke track or alternatively open a popular Karaoke App. for all your favorite tracks.

Your smart device is used as a screen and you will then be able to hear your singing & backing track via the mic.

All-In-One microphones are usually wireless so you can take your party 'on the go'.

Bonaok Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

3-in-1 Portable handheld karaoke mic

Budget Friendly - Won't Break The Bank


Two Ways Connection - Bluetooth & Cable


Light Weight & Portable


Easy To Use


Supports Micro SD Card


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Mixer Only Karaoke Machine

If you are wondering what features to look for in a karaoke machine, consider how often you intend to use your machine and also the size of the venue or room you will  hold your karaoke party in. 

Mixer only systems generally vary in price depending on the complexity of the machine and the features they offer. 

They are usually very versatile machines offering many different features depending on the model you choose.

Some systems have an input for smart devices allowing you to play karaoke using Apps or Youtube. Others may have CD player allowing you to play CD+G discs and some use MP3+G files & DVD's.

When it comes to microphones, they generally vary in terms of how many mics you can connect. We would generally recommend 2 mics to accommodate those couples who love to perform duets.

Cheaper models usually connect 2 mics and more expensive ones can be compatible with up to 8 mics which is pretty awesome!!!

Most of us tend to manage with 2 or 3 microphones, so unless you are a professional KJ who needs to connect various systems at different venues then the lower budget home karaoke options would be a wiser choice.

It is worth remembering that for mixer only karaoke machines you will also need a speaker & a screen for lyrics display.

Sound Town Wireless Karaoke Mixer System

supports hdmi arc, optical, smart tv & bluetooth

Versatile - Multiple Input/Output Connectors 


Adjustable Controls - Echo & Tone For More Karaoke Fun


Mics - Supports 2 Wireless or Wired Mics (Not Included)


Operation Range - Up To 100ft Line-Of-Sight


Portable - Easily Transported 


Easy Set-Up


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Mixer & Speaker Combination

This is the more common type of system and with so many models & brands available it is important to know what features to look for in a karaoke machine before you buy. 

You should also consider your budget as brands and models vary significantly in price depending on the quality of build and specifications.

Some models have built in CD player so you can use CD+G discs, your karaoke backing track & lyrics video.

Others use MP3+G or DVD's and some will connect to smart devices using Bluetooth or Aux cable to avail of Karaoke Apps & Youtube.

The mixer and speaker combinations are not too complicated to setup. You can simply hook them up to a screen on your smart device, tablet or phone if using Karaoke Apps or Youtube for instrumentals.

Alternatively you have the option of connecting directly to your tv using Bluetooth or via RCA cable.

N.B. Mixer & Speaker combinations require a screen to display the lyrics.

Knox Duel Speaker & Mixer Kit

300 watt dj pa system

Complete DJ Mixer Kit - Everything You Need For Live Music Performance


8 Channel Audio Mixer - Connect To Almost Any Music/Sound Source


Speakers x2 - Duel 8-inch Speakers


Wired Mic x1 - 4 x XLR Mic Inputs


Speaker Stands x2 - Fully Adjustable


Speaker Cables - x2 Line-in


Connectivity - Bluetooth, USB or SD Card


Portable - Compact, Transport In One Piece


Warranty - 1yr Failsafe


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All-In-One Karaoke Machines

Everything you need to play karaoke!

One device for all your karaoke parties & venues. Although there are fewer all-in-one karaoke machines than mixer & speaker combinations on the market, you can still find some great models that are worth taking a look at.

As with previous models most work by connecting with smart devices, tablets, smartphone and playing karaoke using Youtube or Apps.

Some allow you to use DVD's, CD+G & MP3+G discs if they have built-in players.

You can hook up most All-in-One karaoke machines to your TV via RCA cable if you prefer to view on a larger screen.

Another advantage is that many models have internal rechargeable batteries eliminating the need for a mains connection which is sometimes a safer option.

Masingo All-In-One Karaoke Machine

lyrics display screen plus mics x2

20w Bluetooth Speaker - Doubles As PA System


Mics x2 - Individual Displays, Volume, Echo & EQ For Pitch Control


Magic Mode - 4 Options, Man, Monster, Women & Chipmunk


5 EQ Settings - Balance Audio: Country, Pop, Jazz, Rock & Normal


32GB Bluetooth Karaoke Tablet 


Auto Installed Apps - Full Video Karaoke Display


Portable - Tablet Locks In, Strap & Wheels For Secure Transport


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What Features To Look For In A Karaoke Machine

Whether you just want a simple home set-up for entertaining friends & family or a more sophisticated system with lyric display etc, we hope our reviews have given you an insight into what features to look for in a karaoke machine. 

Our top picks are a  simple guide to some popular models of karaoke machines currently available.

If you have purchased a karaoke machine recently and would recommend it, then please let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to check it out.

Keep Karaoke Alive!!